Think History!
Think History!
22 Year of Facts & Files!
We are celebrating our birthday with working on very different projects from archival services to provenance research!
Also we are highlighting stories und material on a specific topic or event on now every month. In September 2021, the story of the month is travels from European Cities to the Middle East, from the late 17th to the early 20th Century.
Our motto is: Think History!
Facts & Files is the expert on historical research, provenance research, archive management and History Communication.
We are combining academic expertise with efficiency and due dilligence. Facts & Files has been conducting historical research, provenance research, and archive management since 1999. An introduction to our services and projects can be found on the coming pages. To get in contact, please write or call us!
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Archival Description of the Minutes of the Berlin Senate
Commissioned by the Berlin State Archives Berlin Facts & Files is describing the files since 2019.
The record group contains the minutes of the Berlin Senate.
Objects at East Frisian Museums
The aim of the provenance research project on objects at four East Frisian museums is to reconstruct the colonial contexts of the objects, which have so far mainly been classified as “seafarers’ souvenirs” from China, and to research problematic contexts of appropriation.
Art Collection of the Koch Family
The provenance research project aims to reconstruct the art collection of the Wiesbaden pediatrician Georg Koch and his wife Lotte, née Seeligmann.
Research on Julio Metal
Julio Metal was a banker and investor, who lived in Berlin and Vienna. His property was “aryanized” after 1933. He fled to the USA in 1938. His granddaughter produced the podcast “Recovering Julio” about the history of her family and Julio Metal.
Art Collection of August, Serena and Erich Lederer
Since February 2020 Facts & Files has been commissioned by Ralf von Jacobs to conduct provenance research on the art collection of August, Serena and Erich Lederer.
Expert Report for the University of Cologne
On behalf of the University of Cologne, Facts & Files had prepared a report which looks at the entanglement of the National Socialist regime with the university’s charitable foundations, honorary titles and grants awarded to academics and institutes.
Exhibition Worldskills
Facts & Files was commissioned by WorldSkills Germany e.V. to conduct research on the history of German participation in International Vocational Training Competitions (IVTC) since 1953.
Art Collection David Leder, Chemnitz/Berlin
The provenance research project on the collection of David and Lola Leder, Chemnitz/Berlin, began in June 2021. The project aims to reconstruct David Leder’s art collection, research the provenance and whereabouts of artworks from the collection, and identify artworks.
Research on the Hagen Family, Berlin/Potsdam
The Hagen Family owned the banking house Hagen & Co. in Berlin, Germany. When the Anti-Jewish laws were enacted the bank house was forced into liquidation by January 1, 1938. The family was forced to sell property, including paintings, books, and other works of art. is a crowdsourcing platform for the enrichment, such as transcription, annotation and geo-referencing of historical documents available through the Europeana Collections Portal.
Municipal Collections of Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Provenance research project on objects from the collection of Julius Riemer, formerly in the collection of the Berlin zoologist and mammalogist Oscar R. Neumann.
Collection Inventory of the Jewish Museum Berlin
Since August 2002, Facts & Files has been working organizing and registering works of art and other artefacts for the permanent exhibition and of the collection.
Research Project on Counterintelligence during the Cold War
commissioned by Professor Michael Wala of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Facts & Files is commissioned to conduct research on intelligence and counterintelligence operations of the Ministry for State Security at the archives of the Federal Commissioner for the Records of the State Security of the former German Democratic Republic.
»People under Suspicion – The Ministry for State Security of the GDR«
What was the “Stasi”? Where and how did the “Stasi” work? What significance did the “Stasi” have for the East-German dictatorship? This educational film made by Franziska Schlotterer and Facts & Files gives the answers.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Research at German Archives
Facts & Files undertakes the registration of records for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), Washington D.C. within the framework of the “USHMM International Acquisitions Program”.
Provenance Research on the Art Collection of Richard Semmel
Since 2002, Facts & Files has been conducting research on the art collection of the Berlin factory owner Richard Semmel, who collected Old Dutch masters as well as works by French artists, mostly impressionists paintings.

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