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Czech geographical bibliography online
Published by:Geographical Library - Faculty of Science of the Charles university in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, J. E. Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem and Computer Centre of the Charles university in Prague
Retrospective:1450-present-day (2020)
Type of databases:bibliographic with abstracts
Number of records:244 384 (June 2nd, 2021) 
Number of  digital objects1 internally:20 061  (February 2nd, 2021)
Number of valid URL linked to bibliographic records  externally (DTL + SIS + external URL):35 997 (January 13th, 2021)
Document types:books, cartographic documents, series, journal and proceeding articles, electronic sources, university thesis, audiovisual documents, manuscripts, graphisc
Contents:theoretical, physical and social geography, cartography, demography
To create and make accessible the 20th and 21st century geographical bibliography of Czechia. The databases will include various geographical documents written by Czech authors and also by foreign authors in those cases they are dealing with geographical issues of Czechia. The aim is to develop a geographic bibliography for virtual research environment and for the cooperation of geographic libraries. This way, we strive to make cultural resources easily available not only to the university education but also to the general public.
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Praha : Karlova Univerzita, Přírodovědecká fakulta, Knihovna geografie
Brno: Masarykova univerzita, Přírodovědecká fakulta, Geografický ústav
Ústí nad Labem : Univerzita J.E. Purkyně, Přírodovědecká fakulta, Katedra geografie
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