21 July 2006
Israeli crimes against humanity: Gruesome images of charred and mutilated bodies following Israeli air strikes
Commentary by Michel Chossudovsky
By Global Research
We bring to the attention of Global Research readers photographic evidence of Israeli sponsored atrocities.
Charred and mutilated bodies following Israeli air strikes:

While these gruesome images have been released by acredited news agencies including Reuters, Agence France Press and the Associated Press, they are casually dismissed, they are not considered as “reliable evidence” of war crimes. 
There is, in this regard, a deliberate media coverup of Israeli sponsored crimes and atrocities. Civilian casualties continue to be presented in media reports as “collateral damage”. 
Laser guided missiles and “smart bombs” are very precise. They rarely miss their target. When residential buildings, schools or hospitals are targetted, this means civilians will be killed. These actions, ordered by Israel’s IDF are quite deliberate. They are carried out with meticulous acuracy.
The atrocities in these pictures are beyond description. Israel has being using, quite deliberately, deadly “weapons of mass destruction” in the real sense of the word against Lebanese civilians.
Israel is involved in crimes against humanity and the so-called international community unreservedly supports Israel’s right to “self defense”. 
Moreover, in providing a green light to Israel to continue its criminal bombings for another week, the Bush adminstration is directly responsible for these atrocities.
No compassion on the part of Western leaders. “War is good for business”. The killings are for profit and political gain. 
The entire Western meda is silent, focussing ad nauseam on the alleged terrorist actions of Hizbollah, its “links to Iran and Syria”, the rescue of Western expatriates, etc.  But not a word on the destruction of an entire nation. What Israel is doing, in a very concrete sense, is “wiping Lebanon off the face of the map”, to use a familiar expression. 
By destroying its civilian infrastructure and killing its people, Israel “questions Lebanon’s right to exist” as a sovereign nation.
Is this what is called “the clash of civilisations”?
We are dealing with the criminalisation of the Western media. If atrocities of this nature are not reported or acknowledged, what are the implications? The end of “civilised society”?
There can be no double standards. If G-8 leaders and the UN Secretary General do not speak out explicitly, not only in condemning but in taking concrete actions against Israel, they too are collectively responsible for crimes against humanity.
It is time for the real war criminals, the real terrorists to be prosecuted. Extensive sanctions should be adopted against the Israeli government. 
Political leaders and diplomats who endorse the Israeli sponsored killings must understand that they too can be prosecuted within their respective jurisdictions. 
Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 21 July 2006 
 Do you know what kind of weapons causes this damage?

Israeli aggression on Lebanon
July 2006
Do you know what kind of weapons causes this damage?
July 21st, 2006
I left the office early last night ; at midnight.
There was only one devastating picture yesterday : that of two people who were killed in air strikes on Akkar,(the poorer area) in the north, late Wednesday night.
Both corps were black, both were dismembered , both were “weird”. I don’t think it matters anymore to try to prove that Israel is using unconventional , forbidden weapons .. that would only prove that it should have used “allowed” weapons. Who cares, people are dying anyway. And whatever weapons are being used , the pollution they’re creating will kill the survivors from cancer later.
The rest of the pictures were less devastating, conventional : demolished houses, wiped out villages and towns, more refugees , some of them starving, lovely babes on board of US marines ships and colored people from poor countries lining up in front of embassies hoping they will get them out of this hell.
The really devastating pictures will came later , much later, some day when all this will stop maybe we’ll be able to visit the ruins of whole villages. But even then it might be too late : how long does it take corps buried under rubbles to disintegrate and vanish ?
Anyway , so I left the office early and went home with my friend who’s staying with us because his house is in the southern suburb of Beirut. I was a bit worried because my brother in law , Khalil’s brother, was there too and I was wondering if I’d be able to manage space for everybody to sleep comfortably.
Raed, my brother in law, and his eight-month pregnant wife , had left Jebshit in the south yesterday morning. They reached Beirut by 5:00 pm.
They had crossed a bridge in Habbouche who’d been targeted only once . It was destroyed but cars were still able to find a way through. Half an hour after Raed had crossed the bridge, it was bombed again and completely demolished this time (sounds like an Indian movie, right?). Of course Raed knew nothing about that , he trying to make out to Saida, then up to Baakline in the Shouf then way down back to Beirut.
When I got home , I asked if they had dinner. I was a bit ashamed because my fridge is empty. I hadn’t had time lately to buy grocery and I’m “heavily” relying on milk to feed Kinda, my daughter. “Dinner ?” Raed asked , “we had 9 shawarma sandwiches, Rana (his wife) and I. Today was the first time we eat in 3 days”.
He tells stories about Jebshit. Sad ones. No electricity , no water, no roads, no food, no newspapers. Some villages even run out of batteries, so they can’t even listen to the news on the radio. Funny, isn’t it, that in Beirut we know more about what’s going on than the people concerned. Raed only knew they blew the Habbouche bridge when he listened to the news after he reached Beirut.
I have to admit to all of you that I have very mixed, weird, sick feelings about all this.
The first three or four days were very strange. I was in Beirut , sitting in an air conditioned office, watching the devastation of the South and the southern suburb. It felt like when you watch news and pictures from Palestine and Iraq. You feel frustrated and concerned, but you know there’s not much you can do for them, for mere geographical reasons, at least that’s the excuse one uses to comfort one’s self. But “this” was happening a few kilometers away and I’d still be sitting here watching.
The other weird feeling was related to the first one: I felt that I was paying my dues. The guilt feeling I’ve always had toward Palestine, and later towards Iraq, has diminished a little bit. I felt like hugging Palestine and Iraq and screaming to them “We’re with you, like you: left alone, suffering and part of your cause, a great one.”
Sometimes I just flip and cry. Cry because I’m so helpless and angry. And most of the time I turn on my “automatic engine on”. I wake up at six , come to the office, report hideous stories , feel nothing about them , do my job : double check , choose “fantastic” headlines , pick up the “best” pictures, try to be as professional as one can be. I do that for 12 to 14 hours. I’d then go home, pick up my daughter from my mother’s house , and go to bed at one. The Israelis love to start their raids at ten past one, sometimes at five past one. That’s when I’m in bed. Every night, when they start, I rush out to the balcony to see where the smoke comes from. I live on the twelfth floor. Every night , when I go out , I see the moon , my lovely moon , shyly hiding behind the clouds caused by the fires that are surrounding my Beirut.
This morning , I stayed home till 12:00. I played with Kinda. My poor little baby. She doesn’t understand what’s going on. She keeps asking about her cousins. She looks at their pictures and keeps repeating their names; as if it was an exercise not to forget them. I tell her they’re in the mountains, and that we can’t go there. When they call us, she refuses to talk to them. She thinks they abounded her.
The first time she heard the bombing, she rushed to my arms asking me if this was fireworks . I said ” no , this is boum boum , ha ha ha ” and started laughing. So now, every time she hears the bombing she starts singing “boum boum ” and she laughs.
I left her at noon. She was sleepy, and wouldn’t go to bed. It took a few minutes to realize the reason : she wanted to fall asleep in my arms. Before July the 12th, I would not move at her bed time. I’d put her on my lap , sing to her until she sleeps. For 10 days now, she’s been sleeping in the stroller at my mother’s house: only to guaranty that I will come pick her up when I finish working.
Two last notes: I feel ashamed talking about my daughter while other people’s kids were either killed or lack of food and shelter. But I feel so guilty towards her.
Second : to all the Israelis who have been sending their comments on what I write , I say this : I agree with you , we are savages , blood lovers, we don’t have feelings, and we actually enjoy looking at the pictures of victims. Actually , each time we see one , we party and dance. And in my writings, I’m only pretending to have feelings , and being pathetically sentimental only to bluff. Here, I’m admitting it. And to all my friends in the west : don’t believe anything I say , cause I’m only viciously using you and trying to turn you into sympathizers of fundamental terrorism.
July 19, 2006
The attached pictures are hideously gruesome, but you have to look at them . Help me find out what kind of weapons cause this kind of dismemberment and mutation.
What kind of weapons cause this kind of damage? Do you know? Could you find out?
None of this is confirmed, or could be here and now. However, there are growing doubts that Israel might be using internationally forbidden weapons in its current aggression against Lebanon. News from “Southern Medical Center”, a hospital in Saida( in South Lebanon) are not good. Dr. Bashir Sham, member of “French Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons”, explains that the way the corps look when they reach the hospital, especially those of the air strikes in Doueir and Rmayleih, is very abnormal.” One might think they were burnt , but their colour is dark , they’re inflated, and they have a terrible smell” All this , and the hair is not burnt nor do the bodies bleed.
Eight of the victims of an air strike on Rmayleih bridge, near Saida, on the 15th of July, were transferred to Sham’s hospital.
Sham says that only chemical poisonous substances “lead to instant death without bleeding”.
And what indicates the power of these substances, is the high and unusual of number of dead victimes, compared to the number of injuries.
Sham thinks that whatever “abnormal ” substance causing these features might penetrate through the skin, or another explanation would be that the missiles contained toxic gas that stopped the proper functioning of the nervous system, and led to blood clotting.
These toxic materials cause immediate death, within two to thirty minutes, according to Sham, who admits that these doubts can’t be proven, not even by an autopsy.
The director of the same medical center, Ali Mansour, says that due to the strong smell of the corps, he couldn’t breath properly for at least 12 hours after the corps were handled.
He explains that the center received eight bodies from Rmeileh last Monday, and none of them was bleeding.
Mansour tells us the hospital wrote to both the commissioner of the European Union for Foreign Affaires Javier Solana, and the United Nations Secretary general Kofi Anan. He said that dr Sham will communicate his doubts to the Doctors Order in Lebanon.

A body killed by a burning object lies in a Beirut suburb July 17- Reuters
A Lebanese firefighter extinguishes the charred body of a Lebanese truck driver who was killed when Israeli planes attacked the port in Beirut July 17 – AP
A member of the Lebanese Red Cross walks past a badly burnt body in Beirut’s port, which was targeted by Israeli warplanes, July 17 – Reuters
A member of the Lebanese Red Cross walks past a badly burnt body in Beirut’s port, which was targeted by Israeli warplanes
A member of the Lebanese Red Cross walks past a badly burnt body in Beirut’s port, which was targeted by Israeli warplanes-2.
Lebanese firefighters try to extinguish the fire while the dismembered and burnt corpses of two Lebanese civilians killed in an Israeli air raid lie on the ground at the port in Beirut
Lebanese men remove a recovered body of a man from the back of a vehicle in Beirut July 17- Reuters.jpg
Lebanese Red Cross members remove the dismembered and burnt corpses of two Lebanese civilians killed in an Israeli air raid at the port in Beirut 17 July
Lebanese Red Cross members remove the dismembered and burnt corpses of two Lebanese civilians killed in an Israeli air raid at the port in Beirut.
look at his right eye – Lebanese citizens gather around a man who was killed by shrapnel from an explosion in Kfarshima, near Beirut, Lebanon, Monday, July 17 -AP
look at the foot – beirut prot july 17 – Reuters

A Lebanese medic carries the body of a young girl, in a refrigerated truck used as a makeshift morgue, in the port city of Sidon, Lebanon, Monday, July 17 – AP
A Medic inspects burned bodies of Lebanese civilians who were attacked as they passed by a bridge that was targeted in north Saida, southern Lebanon, July 17 – Reuters

A badly injured Lebanese civilian is seen at a hospital following Israeli air strikes on a house in the southern city of Tyre, 17 July – AFP
A Lebanese rescue worker gathers the remains of a woman from the rubble of residential buildings hit by the Israeli bombardement in the southern Lebanese city of Tyre, 18 July – AFP
An 18-month-old Lebanese child lies dead 17 July on a hospital bed in Saida eight hours after being injured yesterday in an Israeli air attack in Tyre – AFP
Lebanese man that was injured and burned by Israeli attacks on Tyre, lies in a hospital in south Lebanon July 15 – Reuters
The corpse of a dead man lies admist the rubble from devastating Israeli air strikes in Tyre, south Lebanon, 16 July – AFP
The corpse of a Lebanese civilian lies amidst the rubble following a devastating Israeli air strike in Tyre, south Lebanon, 16 July

A civil defense member transports the corpse of a Lebanese civilian killed in an Israeli air raid that targeted the Rmeyleh bridge near Saida 17 July afp.
A Lebanese medic carries the body of a young girl, in a refrigerated truck used as a makeshift morgue, as another body lies covered, in the port city of Sidon, Lebanon, Monday, July 17
Civil defence rescuers carry the body of a woman away from a civilian car that was struck by an Israeli warplane missile- rmayleih juy 17 – AP
Drivers carry away Lebanese Ali Wahid after he was seriously wounded in his car, while he was driving past a bridge when was struck by an Israeli warplane missile- rmayleh july 17 ap.
Lebanese Red Cross members cover the burnt corpse of a Lebanese civilian killed in an Israeli air raid that targeted the Rmeyleh bridge in Saida 17 July AFP.
look at his face – A 7-year-old Lebanese boy fights for his life on a hospital bed in Saida 17 July 2006 after being injured in an Israeli air raid – AFP

A badly charred and mutilated body lies on the ground after an Israeli missile hit a van carrying passengers on a road in southern Lebanon, July 15, – Reuters
A body of a man from the southern village of Marwahin, who was killed along with 17 others near the village of Shamaa
A United Nations medic holds a body that was badly charred and destroyed after an Israeli missile hit a van carrying passengers on a road in southern Lebanon, July 15 – Reuters.
Lebanese civil defence member carries the corpse of a young girl from the southern village of Marwahin
MARWA Marwa Abdallah, who survived Saturday’s attack on a van in Tyre where twenty people where killed IN HOSPITAL JULY 16 – REUTERS.

A Lebanese Red Cross staff collects human remains following an Israeli air raid on Zebdine village (south )JULY 16 AFP

Teir Harfa

look at the eye- Issam Mostafa, a 3-year-old Lebanese boy, rests at a hospital in Shtora in the Bekaa valley 17 July afp.
The original source of this article is As Safir Newspaper Beirut. and Uruknet.info
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