Rockets Renew Toward Tel Aviv; Egypt Pushing Humanitarian Ceasefire
Israeli Army Deployed a Secret, Strategic Weapon – and Reaped Limited Benefits
Clashes, Protests in Mixed Jewish-Arab Cities Across Israel Resume for Sixth Day
One Killed as Gaza Rocket Lands Direct Hit on Residential Building in Central Israel
'I Moved to Israel, to Jerusalem, for My Dream Job'
Pro-Israel Senator Issues Rare Rebuke Over Strike on Media Offices in Gaza

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Police Believe Arab Assailants Behind Firebomb That Wounded 12-year-old in Jaffa
Netanyahu Spinning Destruction of Gaza Tunnels Into Victory – but It's Not Over Yet
Ten Family Members Killed in Israeli Airstrike on Gaza
Gaza, Jerusalem, Jewish-Arab Tensions and Israeli Politics: A Roadmap to Bloodshed
Eleven Killed in West Bank as Israel Faces New Protest Fronts in Lebanon, Jordan
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Hundreds of Israeli Families From Gaza Border Communities Seek Respite Elsewhere
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Deserting anti-Netanyahu Coalition Talks, Bennett Gave in to Pressure
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Racism, Hate and Violence Are Jewish Values, Too
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Coexistence Is Just a Euphemism
Anshel Pfeffer
Racism, Hate and Violence Are Jewish Values, Too
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The Worst Night Ever
Muhammad Shehada
Has Hamas Already Won?
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Hundreds Protest in Jaffa After 12-year-old Arab Boy Seriously Wounded by Firebomb
Foreign Media Fume Over IDF 'Ploy': 'Israeli Army Lost Its Credibility'
A Brief History of Nakba Day
Three Rockets Launched From Syria Into Israeli Territory, No Casualties Reported
Hady Amr Lands in Tel Aviv to Meet With Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Amid Gaza Flare
An Inside Look Into Sabra and Chatila
Why Israel's Choice for National Tree Is So Destructive
Russian Police Have Gotten to My Relatives. Putin's Crackdown Ramps Up
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Jewish Lawmakers Urge Biden to Be More Engaged on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Dueling Democrats Debate Latest Israel-Palestinian Flare-up on House Floor
Biden: I Don't Believe Israel Has Significantly Overreacted to Gaza Rocket Fire
Rockets or Not, These Foreigners Refuse to Postpone Post-pandemic Trips to Israel
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Biden Speaks to Both Netanyahu and Abbas in Attempt to Deescalate Gaza Tensions
Gaza Tower Housing AP, Al Jazeera Collapses After Israeli Missile Strike
Analysis In a Broken, Chaotic Lebanon, Electricity Is a Luxury
Extensive Israeli Strikes Target Hamas Tunnels in Gaza; Dozens Believed Dead
Taking the Call in Gaza Before Israel Takes Out the Building
ICC Prosecutor Warns Against Crimes in Escalating Israeli-Palestinian Violence
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Preparing for a Nondairy Shavuot, Just Like Some Jews Have Done for Centuries
IN PHOTOS Scenes From the Chaos and Devestation of the Gaza Flare-up and Jewish-Arab Clashes
Time to Translate Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' Into Hebrew
German Jews Demand Government Protect Synagogues After Israeli Flag Burnings
Israel Shuts Down Offshore Gas Rig to 'Exercise Caution' Amid Gaza Rocket Fire
Coronavirus May Have Ended Israel’s Baby Boom
Israel and South Korea to Sign Free Trade Pact
Netanyahu Is Leading Israel Into Civil War Between Jews and Palestinians
'There's Systematic Expulsion of Arab Society in Israel, and We've Reached a Boiling
On the Brink of War: Hamas Surprised Israel and Will Probably Pay the Price
Canadian Jews Protest ‘Antisemitic’ Allegations Against Former Ambassador to Israel
How a Drunk, Unstable Billionaire Became Netanyahu and Mossad Chief's Confidant
And Then Hamas Did Two Unexpected Things
Masses Were Crammed Into a Narrow Corridor at Mt. Meron, Approved by a Top Engineer
Israel's First Arab Woman to Become a Neuroscience Professor Wants to Eliminate Fear
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