Abdullah: Israel Keeping Jordan From Developing Peaceful Nuclear Program
Jordan's king tells Wall Street Journal that Israel asked France, South Korea not to sell nuclear technology to Jordan. 'Israelis must mind their business,' he says.
Yossi Melman
15.06.2010 | 09:26
Jordan's King Abdullah accused Israel on Tuesday of trying to prevent his kingdom from developing a peaceful nuclear program, aimed at producing energy.
King Abdullah II of Jordan delivering a speech in Amman on June 8, 2010. AP
The king revealed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that Israel had approached South Korea and France with requests to refrain from selling Jordan nuclear technology. Israel's "underhanded" actions are adding tension to already strained relations with Jordan, bringing ties between the two countries to their lowest point since they signed a peace agreement in 1994, the king said.
"There are countries, Israel in particular," Abdullah told the Wall Street Journal, "that are more worried about us being economically independent than the issue of nuclear energy, and have been voicing their concerns."
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"There are many such reactors in the world and a lot more coming, so [the Israelis must] go mind their own business," he added.
Israeli officials denied any action to prevent Jordan from developing nuclear energy.
Jordan is planning to erect four nuclear reactors within its territory and is currently negotiating the issue with South Korea, France and the U.S. The country currently most likely to aid Jordan's nuclear endeavor is the U.S.
Enormous deposits of uranium ore have been recently discovered in the deserts near Amman, and Jordan plans to utilize them. However, the U.S. is demanding that Amman not produce its own nuclear fuel, and is conditioning the sale of nuclear reactors on Jordan's purchase of nuclear fuel in the global market.
Jordan argues that as a signatory of the United National key nonproliferation treaty, it has a right to produce its own nuclear fuel, and is reluctant to relinquish this right as it plans to use the uranium deposits to boost Jordan's economy.
According to Jordan, any attempt to force it not to utilize its own uranium would violate the treaty and harm its economic interests. Jordan's economic vision is to export both uranium and electricity produced in nuclear reactors to neighboring countries such as Syria or Iraq.

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Abdullah cannot fathom
that the nations may have actually done feasibility study; look at locations of most nuclear plants--they tend to be along coasts (Jordan was, even prior to 1967, totally landlocked) or substantial rivers (the Jordan River does not even have the volume of the Patapsco). Typical of Muslims, he blames others (amongst Arabs, Israel is favourite target for it)!
Devasahayam 18:51 28.12.2017
Typical of Muslims?
Where do you get off being so racist? And correction, Jordan is not and was never totally landlocked, it has a small coastline on the gulf of Aqaba.
American 18:51 28.12.2017
50Some read the NPT, Jordan has right to nuclear tech and US/Israel ally
If Jordan doesn't have right to nuclear tech then the NPT is a worthless piece of paper but also control of fuel rods, both making and used is important to world safety. Under current US goals only a few countries would make fuel rods and Israel or Jordan would not be on that list.
Bloodyscot 18:51 28.12.2017
49'Israelis must mind their business
you leftist can you answer the question why does not this pupet mind his qwn business and finger us now and then you leftist alway refer to him as friend
Gideon Ben Yoash 18:51 28.12.2017
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