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“My awareness and background as a Westerner does not blind me to the faults and failings of our history, nor does it encourage me to believe the fables of our supremacy. Rather, it reminds me that others have paid the price for our follies, and that our potential, if we pursue an ethical existence, is boundless, wound up with the fate of the world. If, however, we take these mythologies as real, then we will destroy ourselves and everything around us.” 
 “While many today think we need to go beyond multiculturalism, Hellyer argues that the success of what he calls stage one multiculturalism means neither the end of common citizenship and national identity, nor their re- imposition but rather their re-making.” Tariq Modood, Professor of Sociology and founding Director of the University Research Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship, University of Bristol

Dr H.A. Hellyer
Dr H.A. Hellyer is a scholar and public commentator, who speaks to the interchange between politics, international studies and religion. By way of generations of heritage and upbringing in both the West and the Arab world, he has written four books on those topics in those different geographic areas. A senior associate fellow and scholar based at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (USA) and the Royal United Services Institute (UK), he's a professorial fellow and visiting professor at Cambridge Muslim College and the University of Technology (Malaysia).

Engagement with the Muslim Community and Counterterrorism: British Lessons for the West” (Brookings Institution Press
Historians will undoubtedly record that the events of September 11th, 2001 were a turning point for policy makers and politicians in the United States of America. America faced a new kind of security threat, the response to which would spark a series of difficult chain-reactions and challenge core national values. More than six years on, America is still grappling with the question of how to respond, both domestically and internationally, to the terrorist threat.


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