Patron Use for Manuscript Collections
Calumet Regional Archives
 Patron Use Rules for Manuscript Collection
  1. Please sign the Visitors Register daily upon entering the Archives.
  2. Submit for inspection any briefcase, parcel, book, notebook, or other personal property before removing it from the Manuscript Reading Room.
  3. No food or beverages are allowed in the Reading Room. No smoking is permitted in the Reading Room.
  4. No manuscripts may be removed from the Reading Room.
  5. While using the manuscripts, please observe the following rules:
    • Examine only one box or item at a time.
    • Only one folder may be removed from a box at a time.
    • Do not remove items from folders.
    • Do not fold, write on, or otherwise damage the papers.
    • Preserve the existing order and arrangement of unbound materials. Turn pages carefully.
    • If you wish copies of materials, ask the Archives staff. Do not remove the items to be copied from the folders.
  6. No ballpoint pens; pencils may be used for note-taking.
  7. Copying may be prohibited due to donor restrictions, copyright law, fragility of an item, or other reasons.
  8. In giving permission to copy, to quote from, or to publish manuscripts, photographs, or other materials from its collections, the Archives does not surrender its own right either to print or otherwise to reproduce the manuscripts, photographs, or other materials, or to grant permission to others to print or reproduce the manuscripts, photographs, or other materials. The researcher must assume responsibility for the use of the material, including the infringement of copyright or other ownership rights in the manuscripts, photographs, or other materials (the copyright law of the United States, Title 17 U.S. Code, applies to materials in the collections). The patron agrees that where such material is protected by the provisions of federal copyright law, he/she shall respect these rights and will obtain permission from the copyright owner before making any public disclosure of the contents. The patron agrees further to indemnify the Calumet Regional Archives and Indiana University against any damages incurred through misuse of material protected by federal copyright law.
  9. Some collections are marked Restricted. The Archives staff will furnish information on the nature of the restrictions. The scholar must assume full responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the various agreements once he/she has been admitted to restricted collections.
  10. Researchers are encouraged to bring to the attention of the Archives staff any misfiled manuscripts, errors in cataloging, suggested dates for undated documents, suggested names for unidentified photographs, and other comments on the extent to which the cataloging process is meeting their research needs.
Patron Use Rules for Manuscript Collections
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