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Policy on Access And Use
Calumet Regional Archives
 Policy on Access & Use
  The following points address the issues of access and use of the regional historical collections of the Calumet Regional Archives:
  1. With the exceptions described in parts three and four below, the regional historical archival and manuscript collections of the Calumet Regional Archives are accessible for research by the students, faculty, and staff of Indiana University Northwest. In addition, the members of the greater research community, including the general public, will be permitted access to these collections. The collections are designated by a collection title and CRA number.
  2. This access and use policy also covers the use of reference books, sound recordings, and film and videotapes housed in the Calumet Regional Archives.
  3. Some collections are marked Restricted. Restrictions on access and use are usually imposed by a collection donor as a condition of the particular gift of historical material to the university. The Calumet Regional Archives may, in certain instances, impose restrictions on the access and use to protect privacy and confidentiality, for preservation considerations, or other reasons. Restrictions may be for a period of time and/or require permission of the donor for access. The Archives will abide by these restrictions.
  4. A small portion of the Calumet Regional Archives' collections are on loan to the Calumet Regional Archives. Access to these collections is governed by the loaner, i.e. the actual owner of the collections. If the loaner has imposed access restrictions, the Calumet Regional Archives will abide by those restrictions. Any concerns raised about these restrictions will be referred to the loaner.
  5. Use of the regional collections is governed by the Patron Use Rules for Manuscript Collections. Each Calumet Regional Archives patron will be given a copy of the Rules and will sign an acknowledgement that he / she has read the Rules and agrees to abide by them.
  6. Certain collections, or portions of collections, may contain sensitive information about persons, places, and events. The Calumet Regional Archives may require that patrons refrain from taking notes from, or in any other way, duplicating such materials, including publication. Patrons may be asked to complete the Calumet Regional Archives' Confidentiality Agreement prior to being given access to these types of materials.
  7. Calumet Regional Archives collections, and any other materials housed in the Calumet Regional Archives, shall not circulate and must be used in the Calumet Regional Archives. Copying of Calumet Regional Archives materials will be permitted unless subject to restrictions described above or for other reasons such as federal copyright laws or preservation considerations.

This policy is based, in part, on Indiana Code 5-14-3-4(16)(B), which excepts from disclosure:
Library or archival records:
deposited with or acquired by a library upon a condition that the records be disclosed only:
  1. to qualified researchers
  2. after the passing of a period of years that is specified in the document under which the deposit is made; or
  3. after the death of persons specified at the time of the acquisition or deposit.
A qualified researcher is a person fitted for research.
Patron Use Rules for Manuscript Collections
Policy on Access & Use
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