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Indio Viejo Recipe
Posted by admin on March 17, 2016April 1, 2016
The name Indio Viejo literary means “old Indian” in Spanish and is a dish that date backs to pre-Columbian Nicaragua. Except for the onion which is a later addition, it only contains ingredients that are native to the region, although my particular recipe below uses beef since that is what most Nicaraguans put in their Indio Viejo nowadays. In the olden days Central American animals were used, but today many of them are endangered and shouldn’t be put on our plates.
The consistency of Indio Viejo is somewhere between stew and thick soup, and the orange and achiote gives it a beautiful color.
How to make Indio Viejo
Some people like to add some extra fat to the dish to bring out the flavours. You can use virtually any type of fat, e.g. vegetable oil, butter or lard.
What is anchiote?
Achiote (Bixa orellana) is a plant native to tropical parts of the Americas. The name achiote is borrowed from the Nahuatl language where the plant is called achiotl. The seeds and their surrounding pulp are harvested to make a paste or powder for culinary use, and are a main ingredient in the spice mixture commonly sold as recado rojo.
If you can’t find achiote paste, substitute with dried achiote powder or paprika powder.
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