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Paradigm Publishers off to a Fast Start with Books by Prominent Scholars The new year marked the publication of the first four titles from Paradigm Publishers, the new, editor-owned, scholarly publishing house that opened only six months ago. Fifty titles already are under contract, nineteen of which currently are in production. Among Paradigm’s first titles are an updated 9th edition of the sociological classic, Human Societies, by Patrick Nolan and Gerhard Lenski, and Social Movements, 1768- 2004, by prize-winning sociologist Charles Tilly. Tilly’s books more often are published by high-prestige university presses such as Cambridge, Harvard, and California. “High-quality books—quite simply—is our guiding philosophy,” said founder and Publisher Dean Birkenkamp. “We have signed many very prominent authors who have a strong following not only within one field, but across several disciplines. Social sciences, education, philosophy, politics, law, and history will be our key fields—at least for the first five years.” Birkenkamp relied upon his 24-years of experience (previously he was Executive Editor with Rowman & Littlefield and Westview Press) to quickly sign several prominent authors. Among Paradigm’s spring 2004 releases are new books by Noam Chomsky, Paulo Freire, Immanuel Wallerstein, and Henry A. Giroux. New books slated for 2005 include authors Howard Zinn, Johan Galtung and the late, eminent philosopher John Rawls.
Übernachten in Rom– meine Hotel-Tipps für jedes Budget
5 Sterne [21]
Grand Hotel Plaza Rom
Sofitel Roma Villa Borghese
Villa Agrippina Gran Melia - The Leading Hotels Of The World Rom
4 Sterne [208]
Atlante Garden Hotel Rom
Black Hotel Rom
Boutique Hotel Trevi Rom
BV Hotel Oly
Hotel Artis Rom
Hotel Augusta Lucilla Palace Rom
Hotel Barberini Rom
Hotel Barcelo Aran Mantegna Rom
Hotel Champagne Palace Rom
Hotel Milton Roma
Marc Aurelio
Raeli Hotel Luce Rom
Spagna Royal Suite Rom
3 Sterne [232]
Ginevra Palace Hotel Rom
Hotel Milani Rom
Hotel Virgilio Rom
2 Sterne [66]
Clarin Hotel Rom
Colors Hotel
Fabulous Village Rom
Ohne Sterne [13]
Hotelangebote in Rom
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