The largest official gathering of the year, RailsConf brings together top talent, companies, and project representatives from around the world. Learn and build with the best in sessions, workshops, keynotes and parties.
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Eileen M. Uchitelle
Eileen M. Uchitelle is a Senior Staff Production Engineer at Shopify where she helps lead the effort to improve and maintain the Rails framework and Ruby language. Eileen's approach to solving technical problems centers around ensuring the continued stability and extensibility for individual developers and companies large and small. As a member of the Rails Core Team her goal is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Rails framework and its continued adoption as one of the leading open-source frameworks of all time.
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Crystal Tia Martin
Crystal is a software developer and Principal Consultant at Slalom, a co-organizer of the Strange Loop Conference, and a diversity in tech and business advocate. As a Detroit Public Schools graduate, Crystal is passionate about equal access to education at all levels. She started her career in teaching in St. Louis, Missouri as a 2010 Teach For America Corps Member and taught middle school math in St. Louis Public Schools for four years. After her time in the classroom, she wanted to explore a career that would allow her to bring together her love for creativity, science, and community — technology was just that! Crystal is a lifetime learner and serial hobbyist currently learning photography, digital design and drawing, knitting, and all things tech, while fighting the patriarchy one key stroke at a time.

Aaron Patterson
Aaron is on the Rails core team, the Ruby core team, and is a Senior Staff Engineer working at Shopify. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, playing with cats, and writing weird software.
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Xavier Noria
Everlasting student · Zeitwerk · Rails Core · Fukuoka Ruby Award · Ruby Hero · Freelance · Life lover
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Vaidehi Joshi
Vaidehi is an engineering manager at Vimeo, and creator of BaseCS and BaseDS, two writing series that explore the fundamentals of computer science and distributed systems. She previously co-hosted the Base.cs Podcast and produced the BaseCS and Byte Sized video series. She loves learning new things and sharing them with others.
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