The al-Khalifa dynasty of Bahrain (Al-Bahrein) descends from the al-Utub tribe, one of the foremost tribes of Najd. For a time they located to Kuwait, where they exercised considerable sway before conquering the island of Bahrain from the Persians in 1783 but briefly lost control to the Omanis in 1800. With Wahhabi help, the family attempted to regain control in 1801. However, they were kept under detention by the Wahhabis at Dar'iya until 1810. The Shaikh entered into treaty relations with the British in the 1820's and accepted British protection in 1914. It became fully independent on 15th August 1971, when the Shaikh adopted the title of Amir. About 50% of the population are Shi'ites, co-religionists of the Iranians across the water. The remainder being Sunni, a continuous state of friction prevails between the two states. After a nation-wide constitutional referendum in 2002, the state of Bahrain was proclaimed a kingdom.

The Sovereign: Shaikh (personal name) bin (father's name) al-Khalifa, King of Bahrain, with the style of His Majesty.
The consort of the sovereign: Shaikha (personal name) bint (father's name), with the style of Her Royal Highness​.
The Heir Apparent: Shaikh (personal name) bin (father's name) al-Khalifa, Crown Prince of Bahrain, with the style of His Royal Highness​.
The consort of the Heir Apparent: Shaikha (personal name) bin (father's name), Crown Princess of Bahrain, with the style of Her Highness​.
The other sons of the Sovereign: Shaikh (personal name) bin (father's name) al-Khalifa, Prince of Bahrain, with the style of His Highness​.
The daughters of the Sovereign: Shaikha (personal name) bint (father's name) al-Khalifa, Princess of Bahrain, with the title of Her Highness​.
Other male descendants of rulers, in the male line: Shaikh (personal name) bin (father's name) al-Khalifa.
Other female descendants of rulers, in the male line: Shaikha (personal name) bint (father's name) al-Khalifa.

Male primogeniture amongst the descendants of Shaikh 'Isa I.

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Shaikh Faisal bin Abdulrahman bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa
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