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Approved Websites 

Ask Jeeves For Kids
A Web search tool.

Cartoon Network
Visit favorite cartoon characters, play fun games, make new friends.

Explore Disney's FunFinder for activities and games designed for each age! Enter age, favorite Disney character and the type of activity desired!

Disney Go
A series of comic strips about Internet Safety


Online museum with virtual tours and information on everything imaginable.

Fox Kids
Jokes, games, FoxKids Magazine and more.

Girl Power
Campaign sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to help encourage 9-14 year old girls.

Internet Keep Safe Coalition
The Internet Keep Safe Coalitionsm group teaches basic rules of Internet safety to children and parents.

Web search for kids - by librarians. Links categorized by subject to help with homework. Good source for current news events, and information for parents as well.

Kidscom has loads of fun games, message boards, kids chat, video game tips, contests and prizes! Site focuses on fun and safety.
Information about favorite books, series and authors. Reviews of new titles, author interviews, trivia games and contests.

Math Forum Student Center
Ask questions and work on math problems by grade and ability level.

National Geographic Kids
Home page for National Geographic for Kids. Lots of fun information.

Activities, games

Nickelodeon website is filled with hours of fun!
Nickelodeon's site for preschoolers with Little Bear, Blue's Clues, Franklin, Little Bill, Thomas the Tank Engine, Kipper, Maggie, and Maisy!

PBS Kids has all the favorites - Arthur, Barney, Between the Lions, Caillou, Clifford, Dragon Tales, Kratt's Creatures, Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, Teletubbies and more!

PBS "Web license"
Get your official ‘web license’!

Pet Channel
Find out anything about any pet.

Ranger Rick's Kids Zone
All about the great outdoors - games, tours and more for various age groups.

Scholastic Kids
Activities and games with Harry Potter, Magic School Bus, Animorphs, Clifford, Captain Underpants and more...

Dr. Seuss's playground is fun, you can play, write a story, or chat and then run.

Sports Illustrated for Kids Online
Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine online with news, features, games and videos.

Surf Swell Island
Adventures in Internet Safety - Quiz-driven adventure activity presents Internet safety material in games focusing on privacy, viruses, or netiquette, guidelines for good behavior on the Internet.

A Great site for kids to find games, supervised chat, news and lots of fun stuff.


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