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Warning Signs That Your Child May Be Involved In Online Pornography 

You find discs hidden in your child's room, or blank discs are missing (possibly being hidden).

Your child quickly changes the computer screen, or turns off the computer when you come in the room.

You find that the Internet 'history', and/or 'cookies' are deleted after your child has used the computer (in attempt to erase the 'trail').

You find that the 'my recent documents' tray (Under 'Start' in Windows) is either blank (indicating it was erased), or shows files that are not contained on the hard drive (indicating they came from a disc that may be hidden).

The 'my recent documents' tray has sexually suggestive names to documents.

Your child spends a great deal of time online, especially at night.

You notice unusual or unauthorized charges to your credit card. Charges may be made easily online, even without posession of the actual card.

You notice changes in your child's behavior (becoming more withdrawn, secretive, etc.)

Warning Signs That Your Child Might Be At Risk To a Sexual Predator Online 

Review the above warning signs. They may apply to either situation.

Your child receives phone calls late at night, or you receive phone calls when your child is home that simply hang up when you answer.

Your child mentions talking to someone or liking someone whom you don't know.

Your child is using an Internet account or logon that does not belong to him or her.

Often times parents mistakenly think their child does not have internet access, but they may be using an entirely different account. They could have access to a toll-free dialup connection and another person's online account logon information.

Predators have provided their victims with accounts, passwords, and even phone cards to facilitate conversations.

Your child has visited chatrooms that appear sexually suggestive or adult in nature. (Check Internet "chat" code and acronyms)

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