29 November , 2018
Cultural Activities Held In Panama To Boost China-Panama Ties
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Chinese President Xi Jinping’s books, Xi Jinping: The Governance of China, are displayed at the China Pavilion, Latin America Parliament. Photo by Huang Fahong from People’s Daily
A series of cultural exchange activities between China and Panama, as well as between China and Latin America were held on Nov. 21 and 22 at Latin American Parliament headquarters, Panama City. Sharing the stories of China-Latin America and China-Panama relations, cooperation and friendship, these activities, including the inauguration ceremony of the China Pavilion and a China-Panama photo exhibition, received wide attention from the local community. The China Pavilion, jointly built by China’s State Council Information Office and Latin American Parliament, is the latest outcome of China-Latin America cultural exchanges, while the photo exhibition vividly showcased the natural beauty, unique cultures, and long-lasting friendship of China and Panama.
President of the Latin American Parliament Elias Castillo and President of Panama’s National Assembly Yanibel Abrego attended the activities. They believe that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to Panama will serve as a milestone on China-Panama relations. Panamanian people are looking forward to his visit, and sincerely hope that the heads of state of the two countries can jointly map out a new blueprint of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. As an important gate of Latin America, Panama will actively participate in the Belt and Road construction, and make greater efforts to promote the building of the community of a shared future between China and Latin America. It is hoped that more high-level cultural exchanges can be held in Panama, so as to bring China and its culture closer to the Panamanian people.
The China Pavilion at the Latin America Parliament is the 19th China Pavilion that China has built in the world, and the fourth one in Latin America after those in Peru, Mexico and Cuba. The design of the pavilion incorporates both traditional and modern features, showcasing Chinese culture while adopting Latin American cultural elements. The pavilion collects over 2,000 books, audios, and videos on China’s economy, politics, culture, society, ecology and technology which are available in four languages, including Chinese, Spanish, English and Portuguese. It is a new platform for Latin America to have a comprehensive understanding of China. On Nov. 21, a story-sharing secession on China-Panama friendship was held at Panama’s Chinese-Panamanian Cultural Center. Organized by the government of Guangzhou, southern China’s Guangdong province, the event attracted about 300 governmental officials, scholars, teachers, students, and overseas Chinese. Under the theme of “Belt and Road links China and Panama, win-win cooperation leads to development”, 6 speakers shared wonderful stories of the sustaining friendship between Chinese and Panamanians based on their personal experiences, looking into the bright future to be brought by the joint construction of the Belt and Road.
By Huang Fahong
(People’s Daily)
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