5 December , 2018
Chinese Teachers Brings Colorful Extracurricular Life To Panamanian Students
The AsiaN Editor
More and more Chinese teachers are brining colorful extracurricular life to Panamanian students as the two countries strengthen people-to-people ties. Lai Xuanzhi, a well-known jump rope coach from Huadu Qixing Elementary School in Guangzhou, south China’s Guangdong province, started teaching in Panama in November, bringing speed jump rope to the Latin American country. As China’s star school in jump rope, Lai’s school in Guangzhou has trained over 20 world jump rope champions and broken more than 10 world records in the sport.
“Deep down I’ve always dreamed of promoting jump rope across the world. Now my dream is becoming true,” Lai noted. Lai recalled his fear that jump rope would not be acceptable in Latin America, where soccer and basketball are the mainstream, let alone becoming popular. Unexpectedly, the students are particularly passionate about the new sport. “I didn’t expect to see over 400 applicants for a course scheduled for 30 people,” Lai said. Under the cooperation project between Huadu education authority and its Panamanian counterpart, a group of Chinese teachers has traveled to Panama for education exchanges, Guangzhou Daily reported.
Another popular activity welcomed by local students is Erhu, brought to the country by another teacher sent to Panama under the project. Music teacher Liao Jiangao has trained 17 local students how to play the famous Chinese song of Jasmine Flower with Erhu. “The students here are very keen to study. They often request to train for a longer time. Sometimes they also ask if they can bring the Erhu home for practice, since the musical instrument is not available in the country,” Liao said.
(People’s Daily)
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