24 July , 2019
Cultural Centers Growing In Iran
Pooneh Nedai

Iran is a vast country not only regarding its population but also its different cultures and languages. In these days of heavy American sanctions against Iran, there is stress about the economic situation of ordinary people such as workers and employees. At the same time, elite society tries to maintain prestigious cultural activities. It is possible to see a growing number of cafes, galleries, cultural centers, tourist hostels in all the country especially in large cities like Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Mashad, Yazd, Kerman, and Ahwaz.
In Tehran, especially in the center of the city, numerous cultural and art events are taking place and many European tourists are attending them. It is said that the growing number of European tourists is related to the latest tension of the Iran currency. In fact, nowadays traveling is cheap. At the same time, the growing cultural scene attracts foreigners who wonder how Iran can create such amazing events under sanctions. In such a situation, the strategy of Iran’s culture ministry is to help both cultural and tourist institutes.
Many old and beautiful buildings related to the Qajar period are being expensively renovated to be used as cultural centers. Music, handicraft and other valuable performances from all over the county are invited to the capital to perform.
In this way, Iranian art and culture are still breathing even though life is hard. There is an old saying in Iranian “Art grows under pressure!” This is the case, indeed.
By Pooneh Nedai
Editor in Chief of Shokaran magazine and Vice president of AJA
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