10 September , 2019
The New Phase Of Cultural Relations Between Iran And Korea
Pooneh Nedai
By Pooneh Nedai
Editor in chief of Shokaran magazine and publisher of Amrood
Tehran: Iran and Korea have a long historical relation that goes back to more than 1500 years through the silk road and the time of merchants exchanging goods. A piece of precious glass related to Persia found in Korea is now kept in the national museum of Korea.
Although Iran and Korea are geographically far, they are close in sharing some common habits and culture.
Respecting elders and importance of family are examples of common points between the two countries.
Diplomatic relations between Iran and Korea were established in 1962 and the friendship is now 57 years old. An Iranian embassy was opened in Seoul on 1967.
Although Iran has good ties with North Korea, South Korea and Iran have endeavored on keeping their friendly relations for years.
There are lots of facts and circumstances that reinforced these relations in the political, economic and cultural fields.
Within the crisis of relation between Iran and US that began since Islamic Revolution 40 years ago and continues till now and specially in sanction time, many countries who have benefits or friendship with the US had to decide how to choose their attitude toward Iran.
South Korea was one of those countries that tried to maintain its economic and diplomatic relations with Iran as much as possible.
Not long ago, there was a TV round table on MBC Korea about the positive and negative sides of sending Korean army forces to Hormuz strait.
In this round table, four political and security personalities talked about their positive and negative view and mostly emphasized that Korea has a good political and economic relations with Iran and it is not necessary for Korea to disrupt them by sending troops to Hormuz. Of course, some emphasized that US is the best friend for Korea to protect it from North Korea and Japan.
All this emphasizes awareness of a long way of cultural relationships between the two countries.
In such a crisis-stricken world in which people suffer from not knowing each other well, there is a guaranteed way for mutually appreciation – cultural understanding.
Cultural knowledge between Iran and Korea is developing better than ever before.
South Korean government is very serious to develop the understanding of Korean culture in the world.
For almost two decades, Korean drama has been rooted in the heart of Iranian teens and other movie lovers.
By watching Dae Jang Geum drama, Iranian people became familiar with the colorful food, palace, dress and history of Korea and it was the first step for Iranian audience to know that Korea has something beyond LG, Samsung, Hyundai and …
It was the beginning of cultural movement between the two countries. The Korean embassy in Iran has been actively engaged in cultural activities that included holding a cultural week of Korea in Tehran and bringing music and theatre groups to Iran.
Individual activities by Iranian writers, journalists and interested youngsters to translate and publishing Korean books and drama captions, practicing K-pop and mixing music are other cultural steps.
Publishing articles in Korean media about Iranian art and culture, translating Persian literary master pieces by individual movements are precious too.
At the time of sanction and limited oil connection between Iran and Korea, culture is the best way to keep in touch for a better future for the two countries.
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