19 May , 2015
BeGLOBAL Seoul 2015: Entrepreneurs, Business And Young Leaders
Rahul Aijaz

A view of BeGLOBAL Seoul 2015 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza.
Last Friday, I attended ‘BeGlobal Seoul 2015’, which was marketed as ‘Asia’s Biggest Startup-Tech Conference’ at one of Seoul’s most beautiful places, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). By the amount of hype created on social media, and the correct marketing of the event, I was already impressed. On the top of that, when it is held at DDP, you have to be excited.
Being a 2-day event on 14th-15th May 2015, it consisted of various seminars and served as a platform for promotion of startup companies and rising Korean and international entrepreneurs. With thousands of people crowding the hall, roaming curiously about every booth and inquiring about their unique products, the place was exuding with energy. Young talented minds trying to change the world, just like it said in the event’s slogan, “You can shape the world.”
As I went around the exhibition hall, taking a look at every booth, I saw the dedicated participants, hell bent on attracting people and they had some creative tactics to do. There were games and contests and mascots representing their particular brands. A lot of activities were happening simultaneously and it was up to each person’s pace to explore all they want.
One booth that caught my attention was for the app called ALIVE. “Get ALIVE” immediately gets your attention. The app was for interesting visual effects that could be easily applied to any video or image. It was just the kind of thing for film enthusiasts who want to imitate the action flicks and create some fun stuff on their own.
One internet site that could be useful for anyone, from students to researchers to teachers, is ‘’. What’s interesting is the site is like a canvas, as the name suggests, and lets you drag and drop everything on it to be looked at, later on, whenever you want. You can drag and drop anything from any site. It’s a better alternative for bookmarking (I personally bookmark thousands of things and forget about them).
Amidst the various other booths, I came across one of ASAN NANUM Foundation. I was informed about the motivation and purpose of ASAN, which is to “foster young global leaders, promote youth entrepreneurship and venture philanthropy”. I was told how Asan aims for an open society that allows everyone, especially the youth, to reach their full potential and provide them with skills and opportunities to realize their dreams.
And that exactly, I believe, resonates with the motto of ‘BeGlobal Seoul’, which was in its 4th consecutive year and turned out to accommodate not just Seoul or Korea or Asia, but the world. It was the perfect stage to promote your skills, network your way to the top and ‘shape the world’.

Get ALIVE app giving a demo of the vfx.
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