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The following table lists North Africa pipelines, as shown on the map. It is followed by the map, which you can click to see an enlarged version. The pipeline routes on the map are labeled with the codes that are explained in the table. Pipeline label codes are colored green for oil, red for gas and blue for products, such as gasoline, propane and ethylene. The diameter, length and capacity of the pipeline, if known, are shown on the table.
Follow these links for current Algeria economic data, which include oil and natural gas production, consumption, imports and exports, Egypt economic data, Libya economic data, Sudan economic data, Tunisia economic data, Morocco economic data with the same information. For historical data, follow this link, and on that page click on a year, and then a country name.

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on map
or bn cm)
F1- - -Beni MansourAlgiers16130-
F2- - -Haoud El HamraBejaia24656-
F3- - -Haoud El HamraSkikda3463-
F4- - -Haoud El HamraArzew28800-
F5- - -In AmenasHaoud El Hamra30626-
F6- - -Rhourde El BagelHaoud El Hamra14107-
F1- - -AlgiersArzew16--
F2- - -AnnabaSkikda---
F3- - -BejaiaSkikda---
F7- - -Haoud EL HamraArzew12, 16795-
F8- - -Has si MessaudHas si R'Mel8, 12, 24--
F11- - -Has si R'MelSkikda40574-
F12- - -Hassi R'MelAlgiers42--
F13- - -Hassi R'MelArzew24, 40, 42--
F14Algeria-Italy Gas Pipeline via Sardinia [GALSI]Hassi R'Mel fieldEl Kala-6408-16
F151- - -IN AmenasHassi Messaoud40--
F16- - -In SalahHassi R'Mel16--
F12- - -Hassi R'MelEldoret24--
F23- - -Hassi R'MelHassi Messaoud12--
F11- - -Abu El GharadiqEl Hamra---
F12Sumd LineAin SukhnaSidi Kerir42320-
F13- - -Ain SukhnaCairo20240-
F14- - -CairoAlexandria---
F15- - -Ras ShukheirAsyut---
F164- - -Ras ShukheirCairo18, 26352-
F175- - -UmbarkaEl Hamra16166-
F17- - -Abu El GharadiqCairo-272-
F18- - -Abu El GharadiqAlexandria---
F19- - -Abu MadiTanta-80-
F20- - -Abu QirAlexandria1037-
F21Western Desert Gas Development ProjectAbu SemanSalum---
F226- - -AlexandriaCairo---
F23Nile Valley Gas Company Pipeine ProjectAsyutQena---
F24- - -CairoSuez22120-
F25Nile Valley Gas Company Pipeline ProjectCairoAsyut---
F267East Gas PipelinePOrt SaidEl Arish36237-
F278- - -Qattara Depression(Alexandria)---
F289- - -Ziet BayPort Said---
F4- - -CairoAlexandria---
F5- - -SuezCairo---
F22- - -BahiSidra2046-
F23- - -DefaRas Lanuf14, 24, 30251-
F24- - -Gialo, FahraSidra30, 32550-
F25- - -ELephant fieldMelita30726-
F26- - -JebelMarsa El Brega24, 36204-
F27- - -Majid, Nafora, AmalMarsa El Hariga34--
F28- - -Majid, Nafora, AmalRas Lanuf14, 20, 32, 30, 36427-
F29- - -Rimal, IntisarZuetina30, 40347-
F30- - -SabahDahra10--
F31- - -Wafa fieldMelita2046-
F32- - -WafaSidra24427-
F30- - -Bu AttifelIntisar20, 34360-
F31- - -DefaMarsa El Brega30, 36299-
F3210- - -KhomsMelita3425-
F33- - -Marsa El BregaKhoms Intisar-670-
F34- - -RagubaKM1102086-
F35- - -SarirGialo---
F36West Libya Gas ProjectWafa fieldMelita---
F38PDOC PipelineAdar Yale areaPort Sudan32--
F39Greater Nile Petroleum Pipeline [GNPOC]Heglig fieldPort Sudan281600-
F4011GNPC Oil Development PipelineSharaf field areaPort Sudan---
F41GNPC Oil Development Pipeline (South)Blocks 3 & 7Port Sudan-1460-
F42GNPC Oil Developement PipelineWadi HalfaAd Damar---
F43GNPC Oil Development PipelineWawSharaf field area32--
F18- - -Port SudanKhartoum---
F45- - -DoulebLa Skhirra4, 6--
F46- - -Sidi El ItayemLa Skhirra-80-
F46- - -Jebel AbderrahmaneTunis---
Cross-border pipelines
Algeria - Italy
F6Algeria-Italy Gas Pipeline via Sardinia [GALSI]El KalaCagliari (Sardinia)3108-16-
F1012TransMediterranean PipelineHassi R'MelBOlogna24, 48, 48259227
Algeria - Morocco
F9Maghreb-EuropeHassi R'MelTarifa---
Algeria - Spain
F4MedgazBeni SafAlmeria2x242008
Algeria - Tunisia
F7TrapsaZarzaitine/ EdjelehLa Skhirra24775270
F8- - -El BormaLa Skhirra14--
F5- - -El BormaGabes14--
Egypt - Jordan
F47Arab Gas Pipeline (AGP)El ArishAqabaa24260-
Libya - Italy
F3713Green StreamMelitaGela (Sicily)32516-
Libya - Tunisia
F48- - -MelitaGabes24260-
Morocco - Spain
F38Maghreb-Europe Gas PipelineTangierCordoba36, 48257-
Nigeria - Algeria
F4414Trans-Saharan PipelineWarriArzew-4400-

---------- Footnotes-----------
1 Touil
2 LPG line
3LPG line
4 Siyez
5 Neleiha
6 Tanta
7 Feeds Arab Gas Pipeline (AGP)
8 Links with Abu El GHaraadiq-Alexandria line
9 Suez
10 Tripoli
11 Khartoum, Ad Damar
12 Transits through Tunisia
13 [links to WLGP]
14 Transits through Niger

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