The Magic Lantern
Updated with a
Brand-New Chapter
The revolution of '89 witnessed in Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin & Prague
Free Speech
Ten Principles for a
Connected World
“A major piece of cultural analysis, sane, witty and urgently important.”
Rowan Williams
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Looking Ahead: The 89ers and the Future of the EU
London School of Economics and Political Science, 30 Jan 2019
Can we still Realise the Promise of 1989?
Center for European Policy Analysis Forum, Washington, 24 Sep 2018
What Went Wrong with Liberalism? And What Should Liberals do About it?
Political Quarterly Lecture, Institute for Government, London, 20 Jun 2018
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Only by taxing the rich can Johnson become more than a plutocratic populist
12 May 2021
Under cover of Covid, Poland is stifling free media – and all Europe should be worried
8 Apr 2021
Will the EU emerge from the coronavirus crisis stronger or weaker?
9 Mar 2021
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The Future of Liberalism
9 Dec 2020
Time for a New Liberation?
24 Oct 2019
Life after liberation
11 Dec 2018
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