Democracy Dies in Darkness
Catholic bishops back document that could limit  Communion for Biden
The presidency of the country’s second Catholic president is revealing deep divisions among U.S. bishops. The vote to create guidelines on the meaning of communion could be an early step toward limiting the serving of the eucharist to politicians who support abortion rights.
By Michelle Boorstein1 hour ago
Biden to mark 300 million coronavirus shots
3:00 p.m.
Catholic Democrats in the House warn bishops against the ‘weaponization’ of communion
2:45 p.m.
Rep. Colin Allred, after birth of second child, advocates for more fathers to take paternity leave
2:03 p.m.
Trump endorses Murkowski’s GOP rival in 2022 Senate race
2:02 p.m.
White House puts down tougher marker against gas tax increase to pay for infrastructure
Stocks slide as Dow barrels toward worst week since January
By Hamza Shaban
Perspective: Just because the world is opening back up doesn’t mean your wallet should
Race for New York mayor centers on public safety as pandemic eases
By Josh Dawsey
A 148-year-old tunnel is the biggest rail bottleneck between D.C. and New Jersey. Here’s the new plan to replace it.
By Luz Lazo
Family affair: Children, relatives of Biden aides get administration jobs
By Sean Sullivan and Michael Scherer41 minutes ago
Podcast: Washington’s revolving door hits Biden on the way in
CDC investigating tuberculosis cases linked to tainted bone repair product
By Lena H. Sun and Lenny Bernstein
Hot air masses expand into the atmosphere, creating a dome of high pressure that diverts weather systems around them. (Artur Galocha/The Post)
Capital Weather Gang
How a heat dome is pushing extreme temperatures to new heights in the West
The heat dome, linked to the onslaught of record temperatures, is striking for its incredible strength, geographic scope and persistence.
By Jason Samenow, Dylan Moriarty, Laris Karklis, Diana Leonard and Artur Galocha
It’s close to 120 degrees in Phoenix. Does the ‘dry heat’ matter?
Addiction treatment had failed. Could experimental brain surgery save him?
By Lenny Bernstein
One America News is the face of the GOP-led Arizona election audit. Its reporter is also helping pay for it.
By Paul Farhi and Elahe Izadi
How Democrats are hoping to unmask the latest Trump-DOJ scandal
Opinion by Greg Sargent
Chat Transcript
Which inquiry has the greatest chance of holding Trump accountable? Jennifer Rubin answered your questions.
Biden should make his success abroad a platform for progress at home
Opinion by David Ignatius
Why conservatives keep creating imaginary enemies to fight
Opinion by Paul Waldman
Laws don’t truly make holidays. We have to learn how to celebrate them together.
Opinion by Tara Strauch
I’m a Sudanese refugee. This Father’s Day, all I want is to be reunited with my family.
Opinion by Abdel Rahman Abdalla
Find time for the things you care about. Our new 7-day email course shows you how.
By Thomas Johnson
How to make the most of your first doctor’s appointment in a while
Ready for a city trip? Miami has a bumper crop of newly opened attractions.
176.3 million vaccinated
This includes more than 148.5 million peoplewho have been fully vaccinated in the United States.
44.7% fully vaccinated
53.1% with at least one dose
age 12+
In the last week, an average of 1.36 milliondoses per day were administered, a 29% increaseover the week before.
Check on your state
Tracking cases and deaths across the United States
As more and more Americans are vaccinated, the U.S. portion of the pandemic seems to be receding.
Track the spread worldwide
What to know about variants
Will I need a booster shot?
What to know about teen vaccines
Immunocompromised? What you should know.
Covid-19 symptoms to watch out for
Sign up: Coronavirus newsletter
E.U. recommends lifting bans on U.S. travelers
(Gregorio Borgia/AP)
The United States, however, has not yet lifted its sweeping ban on many E.U. travelers.
By Quentin Aries and Sammy Westfall
Access to these updates is free
CDC lowers warning for cruises, recommends only fully vaccinated travel
Flurry of interest in out-of-state relocations continued in April
E.U. recommends lifting bans on U.S. travelers
France is pulling back from Africa’s fastest-growing conflict. Who will fill the security void?
By Danielle Paquette
Three dead, two missing after group of tubers plunge off 8-foot dam along N.C. river
By Timothy Bella
After loss in Olympic trials, gold medal winner reveals fight with depression, overtraining syndrome
By Rick Maese
States cutting off emergency food-aid programs or making it harder to qualify
By Laura Reiley
With deck stacked for hard-line candidate, Iranians debate whether to vote at all
By Kareem Fahim
Dispirited electorate goes to the polls
Post Reports
Inflation, inflation, inflation
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Powerball mystery: Someone in this tiny town won $731 million. Everyone wants a piece of it.
By Marc Fisher
Stanley Cup or gold medal? Jon Ledecky hopes his Islanders and niece deliver both.
By Rick Maese
Live Chat
Is it wrong to enjoy my ex’s misfortune? Advice columnist Carolyn Hax is taking your questions.
By Carolyn Hax
New white wines to try based on the ones you already love
By Dave McIntyre
Carolyn Hax chat: Is it wrong to enjoy my cheating ex-husband’s misfortune?
Advice columnist Carolyn Hax answers your questions about the strange train we call life.
Addiction treatment had failed. Could brain surgery save him?
Catholic bishops vote on controversial Communion document
Powerball mystery: Someone in this tiny town won $731 million. Now everyone wants a piece of it.
How Democrats are hoping to unmask the latest Trump-DOJ scandal
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(The Washington Post)
What Juneteenth can tell us about the value of Black life in America
Reporter Nicole Ellis revisits Galveston, Tex., where Gen. Gordon Granger delivered an order that emancipated 250,000 enslaved people on June 19, 1865.
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The FixAnalysis
The conservative effort to turn Ashli Babbitt, who was killed during the  Capitol riot, into a martyr
(Matt McClain/The Post)
Almost instantly, we saw the video of Babbitt's death while she was breaking into a sensitive area of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. But it's only now that the idea it was unjust is truly catching on.
By Aaron Blake
The far right rushes to embrace Tucker Carlson’s FBI-Capitol riot conspiracy theory
By Philip Bump
Fact CheckerAnalysis
Schumer’s false claim that no Democrats supported new voting restrictions
By Salvador Rizzo
Power UpAnalysis
Juneteenth is here, but Congress has yet to act on several policies addressing racial inequities
By Jacqueline Alemany
Analysis: Here’s how Juneteenth looks outside the Beltway
Supreme Court decision on ACA spurs new strategies
By Amy Goldstein, Matt Viser and Mike DeBonis
Ronny Jackson said Trump aced a cognitive test. Now he’s demanding Biden take one, citing ‘mental impairment.’
By Jaclyn Peiser
U.K. government apologizes to rape victims, says system ‘failed’ them
(Leon Neal/Getty Images)
A report says prosecutions dropped by 62 percent over the past five years even as reported rapes increased.
By Karla Adam1 hour ago
Court turns back European Union demand for surge in AstraZeneca vaccine doses
By Loveday Morris and Quentin Ariès1 hour ago
Palestinians cancel vaccine deal with Israel, saying doses are too close to expiration date
By Steve Hendrix32 minutes ago
Orphaned twins Ruhi and Mahi, 5, now live with their great-uncle.
These twins are 5 years old. They lost both parents to covid-19.
Perhaps no phenomenon encapsulates India’s pandemic losses like the number of orphans such as Ruhi and Mahi, now living with a great-uncle who can’t bring himself to tell them about the deaths of their parents.
By Joanna Slater | Videos by Vikram Singh and Jason Aldag
Today’s WorldViewAnalysis
In nationalizing Juneteenth, U.S. is still late to the hemisphere’s party
By Ishaan Tharoor
Bear goes on rampage in Japan, storms military base, airport
By Simon Denyer
St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters plead guilty, will give up firearms
(Daniel Shular via Storyful)
Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and was fined $2,000. Mark McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and was fined $750. They will not face jail time.
By Meryl Kornfield
Arizona gunman kills one, injures 12 at eight sites across three cities in apparently random rampage
By Julian Mark
A teen with Down syndrome posed for her cheer team’s yearbook photo. When it published, she was left out.
By Andrea Salcedo
MIT professor goes viral for putting a crib in his lab to help a new mother
By Cathy Free
Newly released video shows former cop striking officer with flagpole during Capitol riot, DOJ says
By Meryl Kornfield
U.S. charges Jan. 6 defendant with bringing firearms to Capitol under  federal rioting law
By Spencer S. Hsu
Readers share how and why they celebrate Pride
By Rachel Hatzipanagos
D.C., MD. & VA.
Top Workplaces
For these companies, a year of hardship spurs new beginnings
Alix Guerrier, CEO of GlobalGiving, at the nonprofit’s headquarters. (Maria Luz Bravo for The Post)
D.C.-area workers have spoken out on a number of issues associated with the pandemic and social justice. Employers say they are listening.
By Jessica Wolfrom and Aaron Gregg
Lessons from an unsettling year help forge future path for four CEOs
The best workplaces in 2021 in the D.C. area
How employee ratings' determine the Top Workplaces
How new holiday will affect traffic, parking, banks and other services on Friday
Former George Washington U. provost to become Georgia State University president
By Lauren Lumpkin
Starting Saturday, D.C. residents can get a gift card when they get vaccinated
By Michael Brice-Saddler1 hour ago
Arlington poised to rename Lee Highway after a Black abolitionist congressman
By Teo Armus
Shooter who struck at candlelight vigil left behind what police call a strong clue: A glove
By Dan Morse
Capital Weather Gang
D.C.-area forecast: Heat is back but today’s humidity is low while the sun is bright
By A. Camden Walker
Known coronavirus deaths and cases per 100,000
How to celebrate Juneteenth in the D.C. area
By Fritz Hahn
25 things to do this week in the D.C. area
By Fritz Hahn and Anying Guo
The 25 best sandwiches in the D.C. area
By Tim Carman
Famous names crowd history of D.C.’s Riggs-Riley House
Distinguished homes for sale in the D.C. region
Mortgage rates are stubbornly remaining below 3 percent
After pandemic decimated air travel, these low-cost start-ups are the first new U.S. air carriers in 14 years
Play video on original page
(Lee Powell/The Post)
Despite the global pandemic, more than 100 airline start-ups are in the works, including one by the man who started JetBlue.
By Lori Aratani
Will Lina Khan bring a reckoning to Silicon Valley? She’ll face major challenges.
By Cat Zakrzewski
Millions of workers are quitting their jobs during the pandemic. Meet six who made a big change.
By Marisa Iati, Lindsey Bever and Paulina Firozi
How to have courageous conversations at work
By Karla L. Miller
Last Updated: Today at 2:50 p.m. ET
Dow 33,394.99
S&P 4,178.16
NASDAQ 14,039.75
Just because the world is opening back up doesn’t mean your wallet should
By Michelle Singletary
FAA taps data firm Palantir to help uncover safety issues
By Michael Laris
How the Weather Service cleared the air about Southwest monsoon season
By Mike Branom
The Health 202Analysis
ACB helped save the ACA after all
By Paige Winfield Cunningham
How to make the most of your first doctor’s appointment in a while
By Stacey Colino
How extreme heat is straining California’s electrical grid
By Derek Hawkins
With subtle mastery from Antetokounmpo, Bucks force Game 7 vs. Nets
(Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Less was more for Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks, who outlasted Kevin Durant, James Harden and the Nets.
By Ben Golliver
Ron Rivera provides insight on Washington’s big offseason moves
By Nicki Jhabvala
Washington’s Jamin Davis fulfilled a dream when he met racing idol Jimmie Johnson
Golf is really hard for most of us. At the U.S. Open, it’s downright diabolical for pros.
By Thomas Boswell
Matthew Wolff, after stepping away to focus on his mental health, is in the hunt at U.S. Open
Ryan Lochte’s quest for a fifth Olympics — and redemption — probably comes down to one more swim
By Dave Sheinin
International soccer’s oldest rivalry resumes with England vs. Scotland at Euro 2020
By Matt Bonesteel
Shelby Houlihan prohibited from U.S. Olympic trials after being kept on start list
By Adam Kilgore
The USWNT’s Olympic roster will come down to difficult final choices
By Steven Goff
Rick Carlisle steps down as Mavericks coach as franchise’s shakeup continues
By Ben Golliver
Daredevil dies while attempting record-setting motorcycle jump
By Des Bieler
The pandemic devastated an immigrant community. Its first Latino priest is spreading hope.
The Rev. Juan de la Cruz Turcios celebrates Mass on June 6 outside the Langley Park Boys and Girls Club in Maryland. (Matt McClain/The Post)
The Rev. Juan de la Cruz Turcios became the first Latin American from Langley Park, Md., to be ordained as a Catholic priest — an optimistic sign for his fellow immigrants struggling with poverty, crime and lack of education made more difficult by the pandemic.
By Marisa Iati
How and why to discuss Juneteenth with your children
By Amy Joyce
Father’s Day often dredges up painful feelings for childless men like me
As told to Chandra Thomas Whitfield from Corregan Brown
Carolyn Hax: They stayed away to protect his health, but covid-denier dad sees it differently
Ask Amy: Friend knows about adultery and wants to say something
Miss Manners: Keep using a name until told otherwise
Elevating stories about women
Teens don’t always get sex ed at school. TikTokers are stepping in.
Women starved themselves to reach Victoria’s Secret ‘virtually inhuman’ standard of beauty. Now the iconic Angels are gone.
I’ve spent a lifetime trying to get doctors to believe my pain. It’s all too common for women.
I am my father’s retirement plan. It’s an honor that terrifies me.
We Are The Union members from top left clockwise: Ricky Weber, Reade Wolcott, Brandon Benson, Jer Hunter and Brent Friedman.
The ska revival is here, but ska never really went away
With bands like We Are the Union reaching a new generation of listeners, the genre is experiencing yet another resurgence.
By Zachary Lipez
International streaming hits are proof that good TV translates, no matter the language
By Bethonie Butler
As theaters reopen, a crucial cinematic ingredient is back: The audience
By Ann Hornaday
Christopher Jackson, star of TV, stage and screen, talks ‘After Midnight’ and ‘In the Heights’
By Thomas Floyd
Janet Malcolm1934–2021
Elegant, incisive writer for the New Yorker dies at 86
By Harrison Smith
Book Review
Love your dog? (Of course you do!) Here are 9 new books to remind you why.
By Zibby Owens
Book Review
In Lisa Taddeo’s ‘Animal,’ a woman with a sordid past reclaims her own origin story
By Bethanne Patrick
Including recipes and tips from Voraciously
His punishment for finishing last in fantasy football: 15 hours and 3,700 calories at Waffle House
By Timothy Bella42 minutes ago
New white wines to try based on the ones you already love
By Dave McIntyre
Chill this $12 Portuguese red and you’re ready for summer sipping
By Dave McIntyre
A hot sauce guide with tips for how to use 8 common styles
By Aaron Hutcherson
Including news and tips from By The Way
Hungry for travel and connection, we took a road trip for Texas barbecue
By Kent Babb1 hour ago
A local’s guide to Mexico City
By Allegra Ben-Amotz
Why be a square? Yurts offer vacationers adventure-in-the-round.
By Andrea Sachs
A monumental journey through New Mexico
By Anna Mazurek
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