Amid massive shortage, Canada taps strategic reserves — of maple syrup
(Getty Images)
Quebec produces 73 percent of the world’s maple syrup supply but was hit with a shorter and warmer spring sugaring season that caused output to fall by nearly a quarter.
By Kim Bellware and María Luisa Paúl41 minutes ago
‘You’ve got to prepare for the worst’: World responds to new variant’s arrival
White House officials, vaccine manufacturers say they are sprinting to stave off omicron.
By Dan Diamond, Joel Achenbach, Chico Harlan and Lesley Wroughton43 minutes ago
Dutch officials believe omicron variant is among dozens of coronavirus cases detected at Amsterdam airport
Two planes carrying some 600 passengers from South Africa landed in the Netherlands; tests showed 61 people infected with the coronavirus — including some cases believed to be the new omicron variant — according to Dutch health authorities.
By Amy Cheng2 hours ago
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South Africa health official: Variants ‘haunt’ world with vaccine imbalance between rich and poor nations
Omicron is seen as another warning sign of how global pandemic controls are only as strong as weakest links.
By Lesley Wroughton
At the English Channel, plans and prayers before perilous final leg in migrants’ long journeys
In the French dunes, everyone knows about those who died seeking reach Britain. Yet the successes keep them trying.
By Rick Noack and William Booth
Boris Johnson announces tougher entry rules after 2 cases of omicron detected in the U.K.
By Karla Adam
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Honduras vote raises fears of violence at ‘key moment’ for Central America
Sunday's presidential election reflects an intense political fight in a country U.S. prosecutors call a "narco-state."
By Delphine Schrank and Mary Beth Sheridan
‘Afghan Girl’ from National Geographic cover evacuated to Rome, Italian government says
Gula's penetrating stare made her a symbol of refugees and conflict in the 1980s.
By Adela Suliman
Memes, merchandise and Mars cocktails: Russia’s mania for Elon Musk has no bounds
Even the Kremlin is a fan.
By Isabelle Khurshudyan and Mary Ilyushina
What you need to know about tensions between Ukraine and Russia
A look at the deep fissures between Moscow and Kyiv.
By Sammy Westfall
Ukraine’s Zelensky alleges Russia plotting coup against him for next week
The Kremlin denied the claims by Zelensky, who gave few details and left many questions.
By David L. Stern
Migration row intensifies between U.K. and France after English Channel deaths
France’s Macron accused Britain’s Johnson of lacking seriousness.
By Rick Noack and Karla Adam
Siberian mine explosion kills more than 50, another tragedy in an industry plagued with safety lapses
Family members and survivors say warnings of high methane gas levels went ignored.
By Robyn Dixon
‘We let our guard down’: Frustrated Europe heads into second pandemic winter
The latest wave has brought back restrictions people hoped they were done with.
By Perry Stein
Asia & Pacific
‘Nothing left’: Solomon Islands burn amid new violence as Australian troops arrive
Rioters angry about the government’s diplomatic switch from Taipei to Beijing rampaged across Honiara after burning buildings in Chinatown.
By Michael E. Miller
Asia & Pacific
Pressure over China’s human rights abuses mounts ahead of Beijing Olympics
The government’s brazen behavior is forcing international groups to take notice of repression in the country.
By Christian Shepherd and Lily Kuo
France and Britain spar over illegal migration, after at least 27 drown in English Channel
Wednesday’s tragedy was the deadliest in years on the dangerous Dover Strait migrant route.
By Rick Noack and Karla Adam
As cases climb in Americas, health agency warns Europe’s covid surge could be ‘window into the future’
The Pan American Health Organization said cases have spiked 23 percent in the Americas over the past week.
By Paulina Villegas and Paulina Firozi
E.U. recommends new restrictions for unvaccinated residents traveling within Europe
The E.U. also approved vaccines for children as young as 5.
By Perry Stein,, Quentin Aries and Rick Noack
‘Hitting mung’: In stressed-out South Korea, people are paying to stare at clouds and trees
Some South Koreans seek a social life without being social: visiting public spaces where they can be alone, de-stress and just "space out."
By Michelle Ye Hee Lee
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From the Wires
500 vigilantes gather in Mexico town, pledge to aid police
Extortion of avocado growers in western Mexico has gotten so bad that 500 vigilantes from a so-called “self-defense” group known as United Towns, or Pueblos Unidos, have gathered and pledged to aid police
By Armando SolÍs | AP1 hour ago
Beloved Honduran mayor stood out in bloody electoral season
Two weeks before Honduran elections, Cantarranas Mayor Francisco Gaitan appeared untouchable as he pursued a fifth consecutive term
By Christopher Sherman | AP1 hour ago
COVID variant spreads to more countries as world on alert
The new potentially more contagious omicron variant of the coronavirus has popped up in more European countries, just days after being identified in South Africa
By Pan Pylas | AP2 hours ago
At least 3 people dead during first winter storm in UK
At least three people have died in the U.K. after the year’s first winter storm battered parts of the countries with gusts of nearly 100 mph (160 kph)
By Associated Press
Afghan prime minister defends Taliban's rule amid crisis
Afghanistan’s Taliban prime minister is defending the group’s rule amid a worsening economic crisis
By Associated Press
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3‘Afghan Girl’ from National Geographic cover evacuated to Rome, Italian government says
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5Memes, merchandise and Mars cocktails: Russia’s mania for Elon Musk has no bounds
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