Gaggia Coffee Machines
Post by Mark
For people looking to get into making espresso coffee at home, the Gaggia Classic Pro machine is considered to be one of the best starter machines you can buy. It’s an affordable single boiler machine that allows you to pull an espresso shot and steam milk for your latte. Previously if you wanted a Gaggia the only option was to order it from abroad but now the brand is available locally at Xcite.
The Classic Pro machine is priced at 179KD in-store at Xcite but listed for 199KD on their website for some reason. On the Gaggia UK website, it sells for 177KD so 179KD is actually a great price for it.
So if you’re looking for a great affordable semi-automatic espresso machine you can now pick up a Gaggia in Kuwait.
Jul 25, 2021|8 Comments

Team Kuwait Olympic Schedule
Post by Mark
The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is currently in progress and below is the schedule of events in which the Kuwaiti participants are taking part in. Sadly the timings of the events are all in the middle of the night for us except for the swimming competition:
July 25 – 3AM to 10AM
Abdullah Al-Rashidi – Men’s Skeet Shooting
Mansour Al-Rashidi – Men’s Skeet Shooting
July 26 – 3:50AM to 11AM
Abdullah Al-Rashidi – Men’s Skeet Shooting
Mansour Al-Rashidi – Men’s Skeet Shooting
July 28 – 3:25AM to 10AM
Talal Al-Rashidi – Men’s Trap Shooting
Abdulrahman Al-Faihan – Men’s Trap Shooting
July 29 – 3:50AM to 11AM
Talal Al-Rashidi – Men’s Trap Shooting
Abdulrahman Al-Faihan – Men’s Trap Shooting
July 29 – 1PM to 3:30PM
Abbas Qali – Men’s 100 m Freestyle Swimming
July 30 – 1PM to 3:30PM
Lara Dashti – Women’s 50 m Freestyle Swimming
July 30 – 3AM to 6:30AM
Mudhawi Al-Shammari – Women’s 100 m
August 3 – 1AM to 4AM
Yacoub Alyouha – Men’s 110 m hurdles
August 4 – 4AM to 6:25AM
Yacoub Alyouha – Men’s 110 m hurdles
August 6 – 4AM to 11:45AM
Mohammad Al-Mosawi – Men’s Karate
If you want to watch the Olympics you can do so with BeIN Connect. The price is $5 for a day or $12 for a month and you can get more info on that on the BeIN website.
Check out @kuwaitolympic for the latest updates
Jul 25, 2021|4 Comments

Eid Activity: Rent a Jet Ski
Post by Mark
If you’re looking for an activity to do this Eid how about renting a jet ski? There are a number of places up and down the Gulf Road and they generally all have the same guidelines.
You don’t need any special license to take out a jet ski but you do need to keep your Civil ID with them as collateral and you also have to sign a waiver. Some locations offer lockers to put your stuff in but I would recommend you keep everything in the car anyway and then either leave your keys with them or get a small waterproof pouch to take your keys with you. Most places also have a tap/shower to rinse off the saltwater and sand once you’re done.
The price for an hour of jet ski rental at the location next to TGIF is 25KD an hour but other locations might be cheaper. They also open daily from 9AM to 6PM and don’t require you to be vaccinated.
Here are three jet ski rental locations on the Gulf Road:
Villa Fayrouz
Green Island
Jul 18, 2021|11 Comments

Avenues Parking Tip for Eid
Post by Mark
If you’re planning to go to Avenues during Eid and are worried about finding parking, here is a quick tip, you can pre-book a parking spot using the PASS App. There are over 140 parking spots reserved for PASS customers in Avenues Phase 4 which you can find by going down the Saveco parking entrance, Gate 28. The cost is 500 fils an hour and your hour starts from the moment you book the spot. For more info, click here.
Jul 18, 2021|0 Comments

TV Shows to Watch this Eid
Post by Mark
Since we have a few days off for Eid I thought I would share a new list of shows you could binge-watch. If you want to know how to stream HBO, Hulu, and Disney+, check out my old post on this subject here.
Sweet Tooth
I’m a sucker for anything that involves a post-apocalyptic world so when I watched the trailer for Sweet Tooth I knew I had to watch it. Sweet Tooth takes place in a world that has collapsed due to a deadly virus leading to the rise of human-animal hybrids. The show felt like one big adventure and never got boring with the only negative really being the fact there are just 8 episodes. If you have Netflix check it out.
Clarksons Farm
Jeremy Clarkson is best known for his car shows Top Gear and The Grand Tour but you don’t need to be into cars to enjoy this show. I actually found it much more entertaining than anything else Jeremy has done, it’s a very chill and funny show so I really hope he’ll film a second season. This one is available to watch on Amazon Video.
Mare of Eastown
A crime drama that revolves around a murder that takes place in a small town. The show keeps you guessing who the murderer is till the very end and since it’s just 7 episodes long, it’s a quick watch. Not as good as The Killing but I mean nothing really is. This show is available on HBO Max.
Shadow and Bone
I’m generally not into fantasy worlds but the trailer for Shadow and Bone caught my attention and then the show just grabbed me from the very start. It’s also a short series with just 8 episodes so you’ll be able to finish the first season in a day or two. This one is on Netflix.
Bonus: Not a TV show but if you’re looking for a movie to watch I thought the Dinsey film Cruella was surprisingly great and fun to watch. I rented the movie on Disney+ but I think you could rent it on Amazon Video and YouTube as well. I also watched Chris Pratt’s new Amazon Original movie called The Tomorrow War. It was ok I guess, I wouldn’t pay to watch it but it’s free if you have Amazon Video.
Jul 18, 2021|23 Comments

Kuwait Olympic Team Roster
Post by Mark
Ten Kuwaiti athletes will be competing at the Tokyo Olympics due to take place between July 23 and August 8. The athletes are:
Yacoub Alyouha – Men’s 110 m hurdles
Mudhawi Al-Shammari – Women’s 100 m
Mohammad Al-Mosawi – Men’s Karate
Lara Dashti – Women’s 50 m Freestyle Swimming
Abbas Qali – Men’s 100 m Freestyle Swimming
Abdullah Al-Rashidi – Men’s Skeet Shooting
Mansour Al-Rashidi – Men’s Skeet Shooting
Abdulrahman Al-Faihan – Men’s Trap Shooting
Talal Al-Rashidi – Men’s Trap Shooting
Abdulrahman Al-Fadhel – Men’s Single Sculls
There doesn’t seem to be a lot of buzz around the athletes even though there should be. They actually should have plastered them on billboards all around Kuwait similar to how Talabat did with restaurant owners last month.
You can follow the official account of the Kuwait Olympics on Instagram where they’re currently sharing stories of the athletes in Tokyo. @kuwaitolympic
Jul 15, 2021|19 Comments

Ceado Coffee Grinders
Post by Mark
Ceado grinders are pretty popular with coffee geeks especially their single-dose grinders. I didn’t know they were available locally and I have a friend actually who ordered one online and paid a ton for shipping so figured I’d put this info out there in case anyone googles “Ceado Kuwait”.
Turns out Mabrook are the dealers for Ceado in Kuwait as well as Slayer coffee machines. They had a number of Ceado grinders on display, one of them, the “E6P Filter Burrs” model had a price of KD367 on it. Online the same model sells for KD330 so the local price isn’t that far off especially if they give discounts (which they generally do).
Mabrook doesn’t have any Ceado grinders listed on their website but they do mention them a few times on their Instagram account. If you’re looking for Ceado grinders check out their showroom here.
Jul 15, 2021|2 Comments

Fujifilm X100V Digital Camera
Post by Mark
A few years ago I sold my Nikon D800 and Sony RX1 and replaced them with the incredible Sony A7 III. I never regretted selling the Nikon but I did regret selling the RX1. There are only 3 cameras I’ve owned that I’ve felt very passionate about, The Panasonic GF1 and GX1, and the Sony RX1. They were compact cameras I carried with me everywhere and used extensively for the blog. I was hoping the A7 would replace the RX1 but due to its size that never happened.
Then a few weeks back I passed by the new Fujifilm store in Boulevard and it got me thinking about the new X100V. I’ve always loved the way the X100 series looked but I’ve only ever used the original one that was released back in 2011 and I didn’t like it. Since my original review, Fujifilm released the X100S followed by the X100T, X100F, and now the X100V. According to all the reviews I read online, the X100V was considerably better in every way over all the previous versions. On Amazon they sell for around KD422 without tax or shipping. In Kuwait they have a summer offer right now and are priced KD399 after discount, so I ended up picking one up. They were originally out of stock but they had a shipment coming in so I waited around a week before getting the call to pick it up. I also ended up getting a slightly better discount on the camera due to a blog reader so ended up saving quite a bit more over the Amazon price.
I’ll eventually post a detailed review on the camera but I wanted to post about it now since the offer might end soon if it hasn’t already. The camera so far has been fantastic, and I’m really loving it. It was between the X100V and the X-E4 but ended up with the X100V because of some extra features that I prefered like the larger viewfinder and slimmer body. If you were thinking about ordering the X100V online, check it out locally first. The local Fujifilm website shows it’s out of stock and priced at KD435, but it might not be updated so I’d check their store in Boulevard.
Jul 14, 2021|7 Comments

Another Blackface Situation
Post by Mark
A local coffee shop called Blend launched a new campaign for a black-colored soft serve by using a visual of a guy in blackface. The guy in the photo is the local photographer @bonmr who is known for superimposing himself onto photos. Both Blend and Bonmr turned off comments on the photos after people started protesting their use of blackface.
As of this morning, Blend have completely removed the photo from their account while Bonmr still has the photo up with the comments disabled.
You’d think after the huge backlash last year after the popular Kuwaiti makeup up artist Ghadeer Sultan posted a photo of herself in blackface that people finally understood the negative connotation behind it. I guess not.
Jul 14, 2021|87 Comments

Kids ‘r’ us Opening Newspaper Ads
Post by Mark
A couple of weeks ago while flipping through an old newspaper I accidently found a Kids ‘r’ us 1-year anniversary ad. So right away I thought to myself, if I go back one year then I’ll most likely find the original opening ads, and I did! I found the pre-opening ads, the grand opening ad, and a few more and uploaded them all onto Flickr to be downloaded freely in full resolution.
Kids ‘r’ us officially opened on November 10th, 1983. According to the ads it was the largest toy store in the region at that time with over 10,000 toys. The original store was located in Dajeej near where Sears is right now. That location was destroyed during the 1990 invasion but post-invasion they had a smaller store in old Salmiya where Xcite is at the moment. Kids ‘r’ us was an Alghanim Industries concept, the same Alghanim that has Xcite and Chevrolet today.
If you want to check all the ads out, click here.
Jul 13, 2021|9 Comments

AL RUSHAID (RTC) Computer Shop
Post by Mark
A reader shared some photos of an old Sinclair game he still had which he purchased from a computer store in Kuwait back in the early 80s. The store was called AL RUSHAID and the tape had the following info on it:
AL RUSHAID Trading & Contracting Co. (RTC)
P.O. Box 25443, Safat-Kuwait
Tel: 412404, Telex: 23721 KT
He also had this info to share (I’ve edited it slightly):
While I do remember the computer store at the Salhia complex and it was my favourite shop for a while (and my description on your website remains the way I remember it), I am not sure the branded cassette I’ve shared is from the store at Salhiha. There was another nearby computer store that I used to visit as well which also used to sell ZX Spectrums and games. I couldn’t tell you the street name, but I think it was on the main shopping street, somewhere between The Grand Stores, Salhia Complex, and Al Muthanna Complex. Definitely, it was not near Al-Sharq Tower because that was far away from the shopping area.
Another thing you probably know is when Al-the Khalejia department stores first opened, they used to have a small section that sold computers like the ZX Spectrum, they had some original games on sale. I think the computer section didn’t last long and it disappeared sometime later.
Later around 1985 I used to get games for my computer by visiting the Hilton Hotel, there was an international magazine shop inside the hotel that used to sell computer magazines from the UK, there were several ones for the ZX Spectrum (and the Commodore 64). Many of these magazines came with a free demo cassette with free games and previews of upcoming games.
best regards
PS. My parents were expats in Kuwait, and I lived there until I was 18, then left abroad to the US to study, and then moved to Belgium as my mom is from Belgium. I still have lots of my school books from Kuwait in Arabic, and other things that I grabbed with me when I left Kuwait in 1988.
Since the game was branded RTC I thought it might be the same RTC as the electronics shop in Hawally since according to their about us page they’ve been around since 1983. But after talking to RTC Electronics I was told pre-1990 they were called Babel so they’re not the same place. If anyone remembers where Al Rushaid was or have any info on it, let me know!
Jul 12, 2021|1 Comment

The New 2021 Apple iMac 24″
Post by Mark
I’ve been using a 2013 iMac 27″ as my main computer since well, 2013. It was the entry-level 27″ at that time with a 3.2ghz quad-core i5 processor and I had upgraded the RAM to 24GB and the hard drive to a 1TB SSD. It was showing its age but it held up great over the years and honestly could have survived a couple of more if Apple hadn’t released the redesigned iMacs a few months ago.
As soon as I saw the new iMacs I realized I wanted one, in green, and ASAP. I ended up pre-ordering one from Apple online with 16GB of RAM and 1TB hard drive in addition to an Arabic English keyboard. When I had placed the order the iMacs hadn’t been shipped yet and so I basically ordered it blindly based on photos hoping it would look as good in real life. Well, it does. Now that I’ve been using the new iMac for a few weeks, here are some points:
With the new iMac I decided to go completely wireless everything. I had a Kensington trackball which I love and had been using for 11 years but it was wired so I decided to get the wireless version of it for my new iMac. The wireless trackball uses a USB-A wireless adapter but the new iMacs only have USB-C. Luckily BEST sells a tiny USB-A to USB-C adapter and it’s not an issue. The trackball does work with Bluetooth but it was super laggy when I set it up that way.
My KEF LSX speakers were previously connected to my iMac using the headphone jack but on the new iMac, the headphone jack is on the side which meant the cable would stick out. I decided to ditch the wire and instead connect the speakers via Bluetooth. Here is a tip, to stop your Bluetooth speakers from constantly disconnecting from your computer every time it went to sleep, turn off that energy-saving feature.
Anyway if you’re considering getting one of these new iMacs and have any questions let me know in the comments. I’ve only seen two colors in Kuwait, blue and green. Gait in Avenues has a blue one on display and Xcite also in Avenues has a green and blue one. If you’ve seen any of the other colors anywhere mention it in the comments. The iMac upgraded with a 1TB hard drive and 16GB of RAM cost me around KD605 KD635 shipped to Kuwait.
Jul 12, 2021|22 Comments

Does anyone remember the computer store in Salhiya?
Post by Mark
Last week I found the old ad above from 1984 for a video game store that was located in Sharq Tower in Kuwait City. I actually visited that store back then specifically to check out the Intellivision gaming console advertised in the ad but ended up getting the ColecoVision instead.
But this reminded me of a computer store that was located in Salhiya back in the 80s on M2 opposite the Korean restaurant that used to be there. I don’t remember the name of the store I just remember they sold computers and they always had Dig Dug playing in the display as well as having computer chess boards.
If anyone remembers it or knew who the owner was please let me know!
Update: Found the Coleco ad below in a 1983 newspaper. I guess now I know where I bought it from!
Jul 11, 2021|23 Comments

Fight Captured on Dashcam
Post by Mark
Friday night I was in my car leaving my street when a white pickup truck stopped in front of me and started talking to some Egyptian workers on the street. The guy in the pickup then suddenly slammed the door open on one of the workers, went down, and started shoving him and yelling at him.
Not an unusual scene but things do get a bit odd. The guy in the white shirt then goes back into his car and grabs a lanyard with an ID on it and then comes back out and grabs the Egyptian guy and starts flashing the lanyard in his face and yelling at him to give him his Civil ID card. I was out of my car at this point and I tried to get a clear look at the ID card and couldn’t, but I assume he was some sort of cop. The guy in the white shirt then pushed the worker to the floor and started punching him.
We managed to separate the two and I held on to the guy in the white shirt to calm him down since he didn’t seem to be in the right state of mind. The guy in the white shirt then went back to his car and got handcuffs and was shoving and threatening the worker that he was gonna handcuff him. He then put his handcuffs away and went opened the backdoor to take out his police baton so he could beat the guy with it. The whole time I’m trying to hold the guy back and calm him down. He eventually did, enough to get back in his car and speed off.
My dashcam captured the incident including the license plate of the white pickup. The video above is two very short clips I stitched together but the actual full video is in 4K and around 3-minutes long. I cropped the video just for this post so I could hide the license plate number but I’m wondering if I should send the full video to one of the MOI Instagram accounts because obviously this situation was messed up especially if the guy was cop or pretending to be one. Actually, now that I’ve written out my thoughts I’m thinking I should probably drop the whole thing and not risk getting deported or something. So not worth it.
Jul 11, 2021|26 Comments

Young Beast from Kuwait
Post by Mark
If you’re into MMA then check this out. Kuwaiti fighter Mohammad Alaqraa just got called a beast by UFC champ Khabib Nurmagomedov. I hadn’t heard of Mohammad up until now, his MMA record is currently made up of just 1 win with 0 losses and he seems to be training out of the popular gym AKA. Based on a video Khabib posted it looks like Mohammad was sparring with Khabib’s cousin and must have impressed Khabib. If you end up missing Khabib’s story, here is a screenshot and you can follow Mohammad on Instagram @mo_alaq
Thanks Azzam
Jul 8, 2021|3 Comments
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