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Used in more than 11,000 schools, universities, and institutions around the world, the collections in JSTOR include peer-reviewed scholarly journals, respected literary journals, academic monographs, research reports, and primary sources from libraries’ special collections and archives.
Each year we add hundreds of thousands of articles to the archives as the moving wall for each journal advances, at no additional cost to you. See the growth of your investment in 2020.
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Did you know you can use one-time funds to license additional collections or to change your payment model on eligible current collections?
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Full runs of more than 2,600 top scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Institutions may choose from 17 multi-discipline collections, 19 discipline-specific collections, and current journals, single titles, and publisher packages.
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More than 90,000 ebooks from 250+ renowned scholarly publishers, including a growing list of high-quality Open Access ebooks, all integrated with the content on JSTOR. We offer several acquisition models and provide a variety of helpful resources for participants.
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Thematic Collections
Three collections focusing on emerging areas of research: Lives of Literature, Security Studies, and Sustainability. Collections are composed of high-quality content, including journals and research reports from trusted institutes.
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Primary Sources
More than 2 million artifacts, specimens, and documents across four collections: Global Plants, 19th Century British Pamphlets, Struggles for Freedom: Southern Africa, and World Heritage Sites: Africa.
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Artstor collection
Artstor is the most extensive image resource for educational and scholarly use. It brings together visual media from top museums, archives, scholars, and artists — all rights-cleared for education and research.
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Online service for effortlessly cataloging, managing, and sharing your digital collections on JSTOR, Artstor, DPLA, or your own Omeka sites.
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Fees and classifications
Our fee models are designed to provide the broadest possible access to scholarship and ensure that this access will be available for future generations.
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Review and download lists for your institution’s subscriptions and purchases.
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Create and schedule COUNTER usage reports for your institution.
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