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Books at JSTOR offers more than 100,000 ebooks from renowned scholarly publishers, integrated with journals and primary sources on JSTOR’s easy-to-use platform.
As a not-for-profit with a mission to serve the academic community, JSTOR works closely with librarians, publishers, and scholars to develop this offering. We focus on delivering great content and experiences to researchers—and great value to academic libraries.
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We’ve found that ease of use is critical to driving usage and impact of scholarly monographs. Our platform offers an unlimited, DRM-free access model, the ability to cross-search ebooks and journal articles, and chapter-level discovery. It’s easier than ever for researchers to discover and access the important scholarship in tens of thousands of academic books.
Key features
High-quality content: We’re proud to work with leading academic publishers from around the world, including university presses, public policy organizations, and independent presses.
Integration with journals: Users can search across the full text of ebooks and journals on JSTOR.  Placing the ebooks into users’ existing research workflows helps increase discovery and usage.
Ease of use: All ebook chapters are available exclusively in a DRM-free, unlimited-user model. They work just like the journal articles on JSTOR, with unlimited simultaneous use, PDF downloads, and printing, and no need to log in or use special software.
Savings: We offer tiered savings based on your institution’s size and JSTOR Archive Collection participation, plus special savings on subject collections. Participating libraries typically see a low cost per use for JSTOR books.
Content highlights
Open Access
7,000+ Open Access ebooks from leading publishers are now available on JSTOR, at no cost to libraries or users.
Partnerships with Iberoamérican publishers
We’ve partnered with high-quality publishers in Latin America and Spain to make important scholarship in Spanish and Portuguese available to researchers around the world.
A partnership led by the Latin Americanist Research Resources Project is working toward a sustainable Open Access model for monographs to be developed and supported by the library community. More than 280 titles in 35 disciplines across the social sciences and humanities are now freely available on JSTOR.
2020 subject collections
We offer collections of the latest titles in core disciplines that are highly used on JSTOR.
All of JSTOR’s ebook collections provide perpetual access with no recurring fees. Contact us for information on the savings available to your institution.
COUNTER 5 updates
To align our ebook program with the COUNTER 5 standard, we’ve transitioned our usage reports and DDA trigger threshold to the Total Item Request metric. We’ve also expanded the format and delivery options for usage reports.
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JSTOR ebooks are now available through Rialto and OASIS
New publisher: American Psychological Association
500+ ebooks now available on an array of psychology topics.
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