Library Advisory Group
Leading librarians from around the globe provide JSTOR with guidance on strategic questions and decisions and keep us apprised of issues that impact their libraries and institutions.
Ivy Anderson, associate executive director and director of collection development and management at the California Digital Library (CDL) [bio]
Rick Anderson, Rick Anderson as university librarian at Brigham Young University [bio]
Jill Benn, university librarian at the University of Western Australia (UWA) [bio]
Marta Brunner, college librarian at Skidmore College [bio]
Siobhán Convery, assistant director, library collections, and keeper of the Hunter Rare Books and Manuscripts at the University of Glasgow Library
Anne Houston, dean of libraries at Lafayette College
Louise Jones, university librarian at Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) [bio]
Michael Levine-Clark, dean of libraries at University of Denver [bio]
Greg Raschke, associate director for collections and scholarly communication at the North Carolina State University Libraries [bio]
Barbara Rockenbach, university librarian at Yale University [bio]
Rebecca Ross, senior director of strategy and engagement at Canadian Research Knowledge Network [bio]
Hildegard Schaeffler, head of serials and e-media at the Bavarian State Library in Munich
Brigitte Weinsteiger, associate vice provost for collections and scholarly communications at the Penn Libraries, University of Pennsylvania [bio]
Nicola Wright, director of library services at the London School of Economics Library [bio]
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