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Charting the Digital Humanities
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Project MUSE has brought sustainable digital humanities scholarship to an ever-growing worldwide community of publishers, libraries, and readers for over 25 years. As the formats, distribution methods, and business models of digital scholarship have evolved since the 1990s, MUSE has also seen its content comment on its form, featuring works that often exhibit the concepts they are discussing, from hypertext articles to Open Access monographs. MUSE, as a pioneer of digital scholarship in the earliest days of the world wide web, remains uniquely positioned to foster rich discussions on how technology can nurture and progress the humanities well beyond print.
“MUSE in Focus: Charting the Digital Humanities” is a curated selection of content that explores the history and theory behind digital humanities, traces its course through to the present, and charts the range of paths forward as scholarly communications adapt to an increasingly digital world.
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Virtual Peer Review: Teaching and Learning about Writing in Online Environments
Breuch, Lee-Ann Kastman
State University of New York Press, 2004.
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The Future of Thinking: Learning Institutions in a Digital Age
Cathy N. Davidson, David Theo Goldberg, Zoë Marie Jones
The MIT Press, 2010.
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Digital Schools: How Technology Can Transform Education
Darrell M. West
Brookings Institution Press, 2012.
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Hacking the Academy: New Approaches to Scholarship and Teaching from Digital Humanities
Cohen, Dan , Scheinfeldt, Joseph T
University of Michigan Press, 2013.
Higher Education in the Digital Age
William G. Bowen
Princeton University Press, 2013.
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Digital Critical Editions
Daniel Apollon, Claire Belisle
University of Illinois Press, 2014.
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The University in the Twenty-first Century: Teaching the New Enlightenment in the Digital Age
Elkana, Yehuda, Klopper, Hannes
Central European University Press, 2016.
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Knowledge Unbound: Selected Writings on Open Access, 2002–2011
Peter Suber, Robert Darnton
The MIT Press, 2016.
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Education and Social Media: Toward a Digital Future
Greenhow, Christine, Sonnevend, Julia, Agur, Colin
The MIT Press, 2016.
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Disrupting the Digital Humanities
DorothyKim, JesseStommel
Punctum Books, 2018.
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Diversifying Digital Learning: Online Literacy and Educational Opportunity
Tierney, William G., Corwin, Zoë B., Ochsner, Amanda
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018.
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Debates in the Digital Humanities 2019
Matthew K. Gold, Lauren F. Klein
University of Minnesota Press, 2019.
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Intersectionality in Digital Humanities:
Barbara Bordalejo, Roopika Risam
Arc Humanities Press, 2019.
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Cinema Journal
48, Number 2, Winter 2009
University of Texas Press
Journal of Scholarly Publishing
Special Issue: Special Issue: Digital Publishing for Humanities and Social Sciences
Volume 48, Number 2, January 2017, supplement
University of Toronto Press
Digital Philology: A Journal of Medieval Cultures
Special Issue: The Estoria de Espanna Digital
Edited by Aengus Ward
Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 2018, supplement
Johns Hopkins University Press
Adrian Miles
Postmodern Culture Volume 6, Number 3, May 1996: - .
David Golumbia
Postmodern Culture Volume 7, Number 1, September 1996: - .
Diana Reed Slattery
Postmodern Culture Volume 7, Number 3, May 1997: - .
Editor's Introduction
Stuart Moulthrop
Postmodern Culture Volume 7, Number 3, May 1997: - .
Singin' In the Rain: A Hypertextual Reading
Adrian Miles
Postmodern Culture Volume 8, Number 2, January 1998: None - None.
Crashing the System? Hypertext and Scholarship on American Culture
Roy Rosenzweig
American Quarterly Volume 51, Number 2, June 1999: 237 - 246.
Hypertext Scholarship and Media Studies
James Castonguay
American Quarterly Volume 51, Number 2, June 1999: 247 - 249.
Print Is Flat, Code Is Deep: The Importance of Media-Specific Analysis
N. Katherine Hayles
Poetics Today Volume 25, Number 1, Spring 2004: 67 - 90.
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Scholar as E-Publisher: The Future Role of [Anonymous] Peer Review within Online Publishing
Thomas H.P. Gould
Journal of Scholarly Publishing Volume 41, Number 4, July 2010: 428 - 448.
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Notes from the Frontier: Digital Scholarship and the Future of Theatre Studies
Debra Caplan
Theatre Journal Volume 67, Number 2, May 2015: 347 - 359.
A Feminist Digital Humanities Pedagogy beyond the Classroom
Jessica Despain
Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy Volume 26, Number 1, 2016: 64 - 73.
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Teaching Guerilla Praxis: Making Critical Digital Humanities Research Politically Relevant
Anthony Bayani Rodriguez
Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy Volume 27, Number 2, 2017: 212 - 216.
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Women's History and Digital Media: Uniting Scholarship and Pedagogy
Shelley E. Rose
Journal of Women's History Volume 30, Number 3, Fall 2018: 157 - 169.
Attitudes toward Open Access, Open Peer Review, and Altmetrics among Contributors to Spanish Scholarly Journals
Francisco Segado-Boj, Juan Martín-Quevedo, Juan José Prieto-Gutiérrez
Journal of Scholarly Publishing Volume 50, Number 1, October 2018: 48 - 70.
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