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Project MUSE introduces AI-based links, powered by UNSILO, for related content
By Project MUSE June 21, 2021
Project MUSE partners with UNSILO (a brand of CACTUS) to offer AI-generated content recommendations. UNSILO recently completed the initial indexing of the Project MUSE content collection and enhanced related content recommendations appear throughout the platform.

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Project MUSE Hosts Born-Digital Essay from Furnace and Fugue
By Project MUSE March 8, 2021
Project MUSE launches a multimodal digital essay from the University of Virginia Press’ Furnace and Fugue: A Digital Edition of Michael Maier’s Atalanta fugiens (1618) with Scholarly Commentary is now available open access on Project MUSE. The MUSE version of the essay mirrors the content from the born-digital product’s primary site, and is intended to provide an additional pathway to discovery, as well as spotlight the MUSE platform’s suitability for hosting robust and innovative digital humanities works.

Tags: Books  Open Access  Partnerships  Organizational News  Digital Humanities
Project MUSE Announces “MUSE in Focus: Roots of the Attack on Democracy”
By Project MUSE January 20, 2021
A selection of scholarship from Project MUSE publishers exploring the political and societal forces that built up to the violence of January 6th.
Tags: MUSE in Focus  Publishers  Libraries  Books  Journals  Free
Project MUSE Announces New Subject Collections, Additional Publishers For 2021 Book Collections
By Project MUSE October 27, 2020
Project MUSE will offer five new subject collections, along with titles from eight additional publishers, in its book collections for the 2021 calendar year. The 2021 Complete collection is expected to be 7% larger than the prior year – offering nearly 3,000 newly-published books, about 200 more than the 2020 Complete. By the end of 2021, the Book Collections on Project MUSE will offer well over 68,000 titles, from more than 200 distinguished university presses and related not-for-profit publishers, providing a wealth of essential, vetted, reliable digital scholarship to libraries, researchers, instructors, and students worldwide.
Tags: Books  Publishers  Collections  Libraries
CEU Press Announces Innovative OA Funding Model
By Project MUSE October 21, 2020
The Central European University Press (CEUP) announces that it is transitioning to an open access (OA) monograph programme through its new library subscription membership initiative, Opening the Future. CEUP will provide access to portions of their highly-regarded backlist and use the revenue from members’ subscriptions to allow the frontlist to be OA from the date of publication. The Press is working with the Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs (COPIM) project. Project MUSE will serve as hosting platform for the subscription packages and new OA titles.
Tags: Open Access  Publishers  Hosting  Books  Libraries  Partnerships
COVID-19 and World Order: The Future of Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation
By Project MUSE September 10, 2020
How will the World Order be altered by Covid-19? Read what visionary leaders across broad specialities have to say, in a new open access book from Johns Hopkins University Press, available on MUSE.
Tags: Open Access  Publishers  Books
Project MUSE Launches MUSE in Focus: Commemorating the 19th Amendment
By Project MUSE August 26, 2020
Today, Project MUSE launches a new MUSE in Focus commemorating the 19th Amendment. With participation from its wide range of publishing partners, the content examines the history of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States and how the struggle for political equity continues today.
Tags: MUSE in Focus  Books  Journals  Free
Getty Publications Joins Project MUSE
By Project MUSE July 8, 2020
(June 7, 2020) Getty Publications, the award-winning publisher affiliated with J. Paul Getty Museum, Getty Research Institute and Getty Conservation Institute, has joined Project MUSE with the goal of providing academic libraries with broader and easier access to a selection of its highly regarded art and art history publications.
Tags: Books  Publishers  Collections  Open Access
Aarhus University Press Joins Project MUSE
By Project MUSE June 25, 2020
Aarhus University Press has joined Project MUSE with the goal of making available to academic libraries their full list of highly regarded books in archaeology, anthropology, arts, and many other humanities and social sciences disciplines. Both front and backlist titles from Aarhus University Press will be available as part of Project MUSE's ebook collections beginning in January 2021.
Tags: Publishers  Books  Collections
Announcing MUSE in Focus: Confronting Structural Racism
By Project MUSE June 5, 2020
"MUSE in Focus: Confronting Structural Racism" is a selection of temporarily free books and articles from a wide range of publishers and perspectives about the history of racism in America, its endurance throughout society, and how the country can respond now to enact meaningful and lasting reform. We hope that this selection of research can help inform the necessary conversations and actions around this topic.
Tags: MUSE in Focus  Books  Journals  Free
Project MUSE announces "MUSE In Focus: Contextualizing Pandemic"
By Project MUSE April 21, 2020
"MUSE in Focus: Contextualizing Pandemic" is a small sampling of temporarily free scholarship from Project MUSE publishers on the broad topic of pandemic and its effects throughout history, in culture, and on humanity as a whole. We hope that bringing these pieces together will help to bring historical and cultural context to the current crisis, so that we may look to the knowledge of the past to guide us forward.
Tags: MUSE in Focus  Books  Journals  Free
Over 50 Publishers Offering Free Content on MUSE, Discovery Tools Now Available
By Project MUSE March 26, 2020
In the past week, Project MUSE has partnered with the community of not-for-profit scholarly presses providing journals and books on our platform to offer significant amounts of that content for free. More than 50 publishers have chosen to temporarily make content freely available to assist with access for the many students, faculty, and researchers now working remotely due to the global public health crisis of COVID-19.
Tags: Books  Journals  Free  Publishers  Libraries  Scholars  Instructors  Discovery
Publishers Provide Scholarly Content Free on Project MUSE During COVID-19 Crisis
By Project MUSE March 18, 2020
In response to the challenges created by the global public health crisis of COVID-19, Project MUSE is pleased to support its participating publishers in making scholarly content temporarily available for free on our platform.
Tags: Books  Journals  Free  Publishers  Libraries  Scholars  Instructors
MUSE announces 2020 books collections, new publishers
By Project MUSE October 21, 2019
Pricing and other details are now available for all of Project MUSE’s 2020 book collections. By the end of the 2020 calendar year, MUSE will host over 63,000 titles from more than 120 distinguished not-for-profit publishers from around the world. Our 2020 Complete collection will offer nearly 3,000 newly-published humanities and social science titles from our expanding group of university presses, scholarly societies, academic centers, and related global publisher participants.
Tags: Books  Collections  Publishers  Libraries
Project MUSE announces free access to gun violence scholarship
By Project MUSE August 15, 2019
Project MUSE is temporarily providing free access to more than a dozen journal articles and books focused on understanding and preventing gun violence. The goal is to encourage the broadest possible engagement with current research and expertise on the topic as the latest round of gun policy debates and discussions continue in the wake of shootings in California, Texas, and Ohio.
Tags: MUSE in Focus  Books  Journals  Free
Over 36,000 Books on MUSE Now Available in OASIS Platform
By Project MUSE January 29, 2019
More than 36,000 ebooks from Project MUSE, focused on humanities and social sciences, are now available for title-by-title purchase in the OASIS platform. MUSE books are all digital rights management (DRM)-free, with unlimited simultaneous usage and no download, print, or copy/paste restrictions.
Tags: Books  Libraries  Partnerships
New Participating Publishers for MUSE Book Collections, 2019 Pricing Available
By Project MUSE November 21, 2018
Project MUSE is pleased to welcome four additional publishers contributing titles to our Book Collections on MUSE for 2019. Arc Humanities Press, Harvard University Asia Center Publications Program, University of Missouri/Missouri Review Books, and University of Tampa Press books will be available on the MUSE platform starting next year, joining nearly 58,000 titles from more than 100 distinguished university presses and related scholarly publishers in the humanities and social sciences.
Tags: Books  Collections  Publishers  Libraries
Project MUSE offers nearly 300 "HTML5" open access books on redesigned platform
By Project MUSE September 20, 2018
Nearly 300 open access (OA) books are now available from Project MUSE, the highly-acclaimed online collection of humanities and social science scholarship, on a newly designed platform that represents a major step forward in OA publishing in these fields.
Tags: Books  Open Access  Grants  Publishers  Organizational News  Discovery  Platform
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