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The Project MUSE Books Program is designed to meet the research needs and budget of any size or type of library. To meet those needs, MUSE offers both Collections and Single Title Sales.
Books are offered for purchase in a variety of collections including all books published in a particular year, subject collections, series collections, and area studies collections. For example, if a library wants to purchase just history books on MUSE, our sales staff can assemble a set of collections containing both back list and front list history books.
Project MUSE uses an index price based on the publisher pricing to set the prices of the collections.
Single Title Sales
Publishers are also encouraged to place their books in our single title sales program, which leverages partnerships with library approval vendors EBSCO GOBI Library Solutions and ProQuest Oasis.
Publishers set their own single title pricing. Publishers can decide whether to have MUSE apply a multiplier to their prices to account for multiple users or to set their own multi-user institutional pricing.
Single Select Books
Project MUSE offers the Single Select Books option for those books that are not appropriate for the Collections, such as reference books or books with course book potential. Some books are priced too low for the Collections, such as “digital shorts.” Still other books are not in appropriate subject areas for collections, such as consumer health, but are still valuable additions to certain libraries’ ebooks collections.
Single Select Books are in the Single Title Sales Program but are not in the Collections.
Evidenced Based Acquisitions
This program offers libraries the best of both the Collection and Single Title Sales worlds. All books in the Single Title Sales Program, including Single Select Books, are eligible to be included in a library’s Evidence-Based Acquisitions program. Project MUSE collects the full amount committed to the books purchase, then libraries purchase the books that their patrons actually use. In many cases, publishers realize sales of books that librarians would not have selected.
To have your books included in Project MUSE, please complete the form Apply to Put Your Books on Project MUSE.
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