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Political Obligation: State-Centric or Multi-Level?
Why Should We Obey the Law?
Cambridge, UK
pp., $12.95 paperback (ISBN: 978-1509521210).
Matteo Bonotti
Matteo Bonotti
Monash University
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International Studies Review, viab016,
31 March 2021Navbar Search Filter Mobile Microsite Search Term SearchClose
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Political obligation is a longstanding topic of debate in political theory. Do the citizens of a state have a moral duty to obey its laws, and, if so, on what grounds? Why Should We Obey the Law? contributes to this debate. It argues that, although theories of political obligation that focus on individual moral principles are not satisfactory, a multiple principle (MP) theory that combines the principles of “fair play,” “natural duty,” and “common good” (as well as their respective strengths) can successfully justify our moral duty to obey the law.
Before developing his MP theory, Klosko critically examines one of the most influential theories of political obligation in the history of political...
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Issue Section:
Book Review
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