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Editorial Board
Amanda Murdie (University of Georgia), Lead Editor E:
Andrew P. Owsiak (University of Georgia), Lead Book Editor E:
Sam R. Bell (Kansas State University), Editor
K. Chad Clay (University of Georgia), Editor
Nicole Detraz (University of Memphis), Editor
Dursun Peksen (University of Memphis), Editor
Timothy M. Peterson (Arizona State University), Editor
Please send books for review to
International Studies Review
c/o Amanda Murdie and Andrew P. Owsiak
School of Public and International Affairs
The University of Georgia
325 Candler Hall
Athens, GA 30602
Editorial Board
Karen Alter, Northwestern University
William Bain, National University of Singapore
Jens Bartelson, University of Lund
Rob Blanton, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Shannon Blanton, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Roland Bleiker, University of Queensland
Mark Boyer, University of Connecticut (Ex-Officio)
Kirstin Brathwaite, James Madison College
Robert Brathwaite, James Madison College
Sabine Carey, University of Mannheim
Olga Chyzh, University of Toronto
Xinyuan Dai, University of Illinois
Bina D'Costa, Australian National University
Rut Diamint, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
Paul Diehl, University of Texas, Dallas
Matt DiGiuseppe, Leiden University
Bryan R. Early, University at Albany, SUNY
Christopher Fariss, University of Michigan
Luciana Ghica, University of Bucharest
Natasha Hamilton Hart, University of Auckland
Emre Hatipoglu, Sabanci University
Virginia Haufler, University of Maryland
Yinan He, Lehigh University
Håvard Hegre, University of Oslo
Toby Heinrich, University of South Carolina
Victoria Hui, University of Notre Dame
Patrick Thaddeus Jackson, American University
Erin Jenne, Central European University
D. H. Kim, Korea University
Annica Kronsell, Gothenburg University
Ashley Leeds, Rice University
Danielle Lupton, Colgate University
Sherilyn MacGregor, University of Manchester
Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa (Ex-Officio)
Dan Morey, University of Kentucky
Andrew Neal, University of Edinburgh
Mark Nieman, University of Toronto
Irfan Nooruddin, Georgetown University
Cian O'Driscoll, University of Glasgow
Raul Pacheco-Vega, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), Sede Mexico
Kathy L. Powers, University of New Mexico
Stephen Quackenbush, University of Missouri
John Ravenhill, University of Waterloo
Nalanda Roy, Georgia Southern University
Bahar Rumelili, Koç University
Stephen Saideman, Carleton University
Gerald Schneider, University of Konstanz
Branislav Slantchev, University of California, San Diego
Jennifer Sterling-Folker, University of Connecticut
Jeffrey Taliaferro, Tufts University
Jacqui True, Monash University
Wendy Wong, University of Toronto
Alan Hao Yang, National Chengchi University
Ayşe Zarakol, University of Cambridge
Pragmatism in IR: The Prospects for Substantive Theorizing
Forum: Thinking Theoretically in Unsettled Times: COVID-19 and Beyond
The Rankings Game: A Relational Approach to Country Performance Indicators
Insulating Peace: Managerial Coordination in Durable Security Complexes
Leader Influence in Role Selection Choices: Fulfilling Role Theory's Potential for Foreign Policy Analysis
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