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We host free sessions every week to help you learn Miro, get inspired, and enable your team at scale. Join a session with our expert live instructor and get answers to your questions.
Getting started with Miro
We teach you all the important skills to get started with Miro. Join us for an engaging session and Live Q&A each week!
Miro for the Workshop Leader
You’re ready to bring your workshop online - now what? Watch our facilitators build and demo workshops live in a fun and inspiring session.
Agile Ceremonies in Miro
Looking to empower, connect, and collaborate with your team? Join us for a free session about bringing agile ceremonies to life in Miro.
Miro Verified badges
Miro Verified achievements are digital badges that recognize your skills with Miro. Start earning and sharing today.
Miro essentials
Learn essential Miro skills - from creating content to collaborating with others. Earn the badge by completing the course and passing a short quiz.
Mapping and diagramming
Build your mapping and diagramming skills with Miro. Earn the badge by completing the course and passing a short quiz.
Collaborative meetings
Build skills in meeting design, facilitation, and outcome management. Earn the badge by completing the course and passing a short quiz.
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Learn best practices, train your team at scale, and be confident you're getting the most out of Miro. Free with any Miro account.
Getting started with Miro
Learn how to create, navigate and customize boards, collaborate with others and keep your work organized inside Miro.
Mapping and diagramming in Miro
Simplify ideation and creation for your next mapping and diagramming project. Learn how you can use Miro for every step of your creation process.
Collaborative meetings in Miro
Learn how to design, facilitate and manage collaborative meetings that drive engagement and results.
Meeting ready in 5 minutes
Quick, let’s get ready for a meeting! Learn how to architect a board that will drive alignment and outcomes - all in less than 5 minutes.
Participant onboarding
I was invited to use Miro… now what? Learn the basics of Miro to jumpstart your collaboration.
Workshops in Miro
Foster collaboration and inclusion during your next workshop. Learn how to design a workshop board, onboard participants and facilitate outcomes.
Agile workflows
Show me how to facilitate retrospectives, backlog refinement, and remote team building in Miro.
User experience design
Show me how other UX design teams use Miro for research, customer journey maps, and workshops.
Enterprise Admin onboarding
Show me how to set up my enterprise team structure, administrate users, and configure security settings.

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