Indiana University is committed to maintaining an inclusive and accessible environment across all of its campuses.
It is the university’s ongoing mission to provide and maintain accessible options in all aspects of daily life on campus.
Accessibility helps IU accomplish its mission to provide broad access to undergraduate and graduate education. That mission includes prioritizing universal access to facilities, information, and technologies.
Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA) at IU
Indiana University offers numerous resources for IU employees, students, and visitors with disabilities who might need additional assistance while attending, visiting, and/or working for the university. Visit the ADA at Indiana University content to learn more about these accommodations. 
Visit ADA@IU
Creating accessible content
This site provides how-to documentation and information on training opportunities for accessible content creation. These courses teach you how to consider accessibility when creating content from MS Word documents, to PowerPoints, PDFs, video, to entire web sites.
Learn more about accessible content
Assistance with accessibility at IU
Report accessibility barriers
Help us identify restrictions to access by reporting any accessibility barriers that you encounter.
Review training options
IU strives to educate faculty, staff, and students about why accessibility matters for everyone and provides accessibility resources, training, and assistance to support its mission.
Understand accessibility
Learn more about the importance of accessibility, barriers to accessibility, and the perspectives of individuals with disabilities.
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