Getting Assistance
IU strives to offer all-encompassing resources to support accessibility
Request accommodations and assistance
If you or someone you know requires assistance with a disability, please visit the Where can I get help? entry from the FAQ section of the ADA@IU website.
Report accessibility barriers at IU
To report an accessibility barrier affecting individuals with disabilities, visit our Reporting accessibility barriers page.
Receive training
If you are seeking training on IT accessibility, the ADA, or how to create accessible online courses, documents, and multimedia, please visit our Training page to find various training options.
Handle accommodations
For students
If you have questions about accommodations for a student with a disability, and you have an accommodations memo for that student, please contact the individual or office that issued the memo for further assistance.
If you don't have an accommodations memo for the student, please contact the office that handles services for students with disabilities on your campus. A list of these offices can be located on the Resources for students by campus page on the ADA@IU website by selecting your appropriate campus.
For faculty, staff, and visitors
Please visit the Where can I get help? entry from the FAQ section of the ADA@IU website.
Get help with course accessibility
If you are interested in learning how to improve the accessibility of a course you are teaching or developing, please contact the Teaching and Learning Center on your campus.
Get help with website or general IT accessibility
If you are seeking help with developing, purchasing, or evaluating the accessibility of a piece of technology, please contact the the User Experience Office.
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