Sign and send the petition to President-elect Biden and the Senate: You must appoint an Administration that will immediately address the issues of the nation, not corporate interests
Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States -- and he needs an administration that will fight for the public interest, rather than corporate power.
Failure to do so means we may not undo the damage done by four years of Donald Trump, risk a return to right-wing government at the next election, and most immediately, may fail to address the needs of everyday people and small businesses as we address an ongoing pandemic and economic crisis.
In order for the Biden Administration to start off on the right foot, we need to push him and the Senate right now to appoint public-minded progressives instead of corporate lobbyists and executives for key roles in his administration -- and to use the Vacancy Act and recess appointments to overcome any obstruction from Mitch McConnell. Can you send an urgent message today?
Tell President-Elect Biden and the Senate: Appoint and confirm public-minded progressives to staff the new administration!
Donald Trump used his appointment power to fill the Executive Branch with crooks and cronies who spent four years looting the country and handing power to big corporations at public expense. Joe Biden and the Senate not only have the opportunity to end that corruption, but the responsibility to address the urgent need to tackle the pandemic, the economic crisis, the climate crisis, and promote peace abroad.
We urge Biden to appoint and the Senate to confirm an Administration that includes:
• Economic advisers with a proven track record of challenging corporate power and who we can trust to resurrect our economy, address structural inequities including closing the racial wealth gap
• Environmental advocates willing to address the climate crisis and not coming from the fossil fuel industry
• Leaders experienced in corporate accountability who will push back against power that big corporations wield in our economy and democracy
• Foreign policy and national security selections who will prioritize ending the endless wars and protect human rights at home and abroad.
• Leaders who center the needs of Black, Indigenous, and women of color and adopt policies that will advance healthcare for all including reproductive health.
• Appointees who will protect a free and open internet and protect our privacy from ever-expanding corporate and government surveillance practices
These decisions will be made shortly, and Biden is already coming under pressure to appoint corporate insiders and cave to McConnell's threatened obstruction. We need to show him and the Senate there's a better way.
Sign and send the petition: Urge President-elect Biden and the Senate to appoint and confirm public-minded progressives to staff the new administration!
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