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Tell 2020 presidential candidates: Take the pledge to restore net neutrality
With Mitch McConnell stonewalling in the Senate, it’s imperative all presidential candidates make restoring net neutrality a top priority.
Despite overwhelming public support for net neutrality, Senate Majority Leader McConnell is blocking legislation that would restore protections gutted by the FCC — protections that ensure companies like Comcast and Verizon can’t block and slow traffic, or interfere with our choices online.
Since the repeal of net neutrality, we’ve already seen internet providers begin to throttle online services. If net neutrality is not restored, the public will lose the ability to access sites, run small businesses, and tell the stories too often ignored by the mainstream media.
Our ability to freely connect and communicate is at stake. Sign the petition to ask that all presidential candidates pledge to restore net neutrality and reject contributions from Big Cable.
Net Neutrality Pledge:
We ask all 2020 presidential candidates to publicly call for the restoration of strong open internet protections; reject contributions from phone and cable company executives, lobbyists, and PACs; and pledge to appoint FCC Commissioners who will:
Contributions under $200 do not require employer information when reported to the FEC — the pledge is not intended to refer to such donations because candidates and campaigns may not have sufficient information to know the contributors' ties to the industries.
For inquiries, contact pledge@demandprogress.org
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