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About Firefox Add-ons (AMO), is Mozilla's official site for discovering and installing add-ons for the Firefox browser. Add-ons help you modify and personalize your browsing experience by adding new features to Firefox, enhancing your interactions with Web content, and changing the way your browser looks.
If you are looking for add-ons for Thunderbird or SeaMonkey, please visit or​.
A community of creators
The add-ons listed here are created by thousands of developers and theme designers from all over the world, ranging from individual hobbyists to large corporations. Some add-ons listed on AMO have been automatically published and may be subject to review by a team of editors once publicly listed.
Get involved
Mozilla is a non-profit champion of the Internet, we build Firefox to help keep it healthy, open and accessible. Add-ons support user choice and customization in Firefox, and you can contribute in the following ways:
  • Make your own add-on. We provide free hosting and update services and can help you reach a large audience of users.
  • Help improve this website. It's open source, and you can file bugs and submit patches. You can get started with a good first bug or view all open issues for AMO’s server and frontend on Github.
  • Want to interact with (AMO) programmatically? Check out the Add-ons Servers documentation for details about the APIs used by AMO and the Add-ons Manager.
If you want to contribute but are not quite as technical, there are still ways to help:
  • Participate in our forum.
  • Leave feedback for your favorite add-ons. Add-on authors are more likely to improve their add-ons and create new ones when they know people appreciate their work.
  • Tell your friends and family that Firefox is a fast, secure browser that protects their privacy, and they can use add-ons to make it their own!
To see more ways you can contribute to the add-on community, please visit our wiki.
Report an issue
If you find a problem with the site, we'd love to fix it. Please file an issue and include as much detail as possible.
To report a security vulnerability for an extension, even if it is not hosted on this site, please file an issue on Bugzilla or email​. All security vulnerability reports are confidential.
Get support
If you would like to learn more about how to manage add-ons in Firefox, or need to find general Firefox support, please visit Support Mozilla. If you don't find an answer there, you can ask on our community forum.
Information about how to contact Mozilla's add-ons team can be found here.
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