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Enhancer for YouTube™
by Maxime RF
4.7 Stars out of 5
188 reviews
by MrAureliusR, 3 hours ago
I am almost positive that this extension is secretly playing muted YouTube videos in the background to generate ad revenue. I kept noticing in my PulseAudio volume control that there was a second Firefox "instance" playing audio. It was muted. Unmuted it, and I could hear the same 10 seconds or so of audio being played. Then it loops, and at the same time sets the audio back to 0% (presumably so you don't notice it). I'm VERY surprised that Mozilla has this as "recommended" and that they apparently check it for security issues. This is a HUGE red flag. I have archived the exact version of the plugin that was doing this for future reference. I tried to grep through it for hardcoded youtube links, but it's probably getting them from a server somewhere. Reported this add-on, nothing was done.

Check and see if you see hidden Firefox instances playing audio when you are using this extension and watching YouTube!
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by Tumleh, 9 hours ago
it worked super fine since last update (months ago). Since then, just annoying and unstable. Why cantr developers just leave a working app as it is? (This critic also to FF on Android, simply unusable.)
by Андрей, 18 days ago
by Blagovest, 19 days ago
Waste of your time and browser resources. Most features stop working if you hit F5. You want to manage playback video speed? Well you can't, the options are there but don't do anything.
There is a fix though - you uninstall the add-on and everything starts working as a charm.
by Bluespark, 23 days ago
Volume control does not work. Still bugged.
Previous single star review got deleted.
by Firefox user 16930958, 25 days ago
Whenever you open Firefox, Enhancer for YouTube™ sets a cookie.
by Saturn, a month ago
Doesn't work anymore with latest update.
by Firefox user 16923504, a month ago
This used to be excellent. Doesn't work at all on MacOS lately. Seems to work fine on my Windows 10 installs.
by Firefox user 16913449, a month ago
When this add on is applied, with video enhancement, the images have low frame rate, this is not an issue with Youtube in Edge, or Brave, or Chrome. It seems the speed doesn't work properly with Video filter addon in Firefox, I like colorful videos with speed but speed causes video to become somewhat blurry or slow processing. And support isn't there.
by Firefox user 16843409, 2 months ago
by SamirChito, 2 months ago
by Sapphiria, 3 months ago
by NoCrypt, 3 months ago
The latest version redirect to random community post when trying to click a video. Temporary solution : downgrade one version
by Firefox user 16799415, 4 months ago
by Firefox user 5991569, 4 months ago
by Dawn, 4 months ago
Use to be an excellent app and I used it alot in the old version. Because I am hard of hearing it was excellent because I could turn the volume up just so my hearing aides can get the sound.
However since the update, it is gone from excellent to poor. Bring back the old version and I will give it a better rating. By the way I do use the CC, but not all of the videos on YT have them. I want want my old enhancer back!
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by r4tel, 4 months ago
by Firefox user 13440128, 4 months ago
by Firefox user 15900105, 5 months ago
by rhino, 5 months ago
latest update is horrible...
by Ivo, 5 months ago
Arruinaron por completo este addon. Una pena.
Regresé a la versión 2.0.101. Como hago para que no se pueda actualizar ?
by NerdyTeacher, 5 months ago
by 908K, 5 months ago
lmao my original review "mysteriously" disappeared, so I'm lowering the score. The addon itself is good, but as I stated in my original review I wish there was an option to revert back to the original UI
by xa, 5 months ago
Horrible new update, can't even remove that new three dot icon they just added to the Youtube player. By default, this add-on is bloat; you'd be astonished by how cluttered your Youtube player will be if you don't tick off UI options in this add-on's preferences.
by eta, 5 months ago
Was better before a massive overhaul, and now it's breaking my YT all the time...
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