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Enhancer for YouTube™
by Maxime RF
4.7 Stars out of 5
87 reviews
by Wray, a month ago
Interesting concept ruined by unbelievably bloated execution.

Downloaded solely for the default volume option and to disable default auto-play; the latter works - the former doesn't.

In practice, videos load and begin playing too quickly - before the extension can modify (lower) the volume. Maybe it'd work better if my PC were a potato or my browser ran like crap, but for obvious reasons I'm going to skip that test and go back to using a simple script for what I need.

Has a few other features that might be interesting in very niche scenarios, if they actually work, but nothing that either your average end-user nor your function-minded power-user will care about. Get rid of all that garbage and optimize the remaining code, and maybe this'll be worth trying again.

For now... hard pass.
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by processr, a month ago
by Firefox user 16871159, 2 months ago
while the features are good half the time it does not allow me to play the videos, I keep refreshing page and pressing on the play button and its been more than 4 months. I wonder if anyone reported it or the devs are simply not updating it anymore.
by Firefox user 15591138, 3 months ago
Great add on but latest update bugged it so everytime i click on Video or notification it redirects to random community post
by Mojave, 3 months ago
Generally an awesome plug-in I use every single day. The latest update is bugged though. If you go to youtube in a new tab and click on any video (click on the video, do not open it to a new tab) it now redirects to a random (or maybe most recent?) community post. Tried clearing cache, didn't help. Disabling the plugin of course fixes the problem consistently.
by Savannah, 4 months ago
Not sure when this started, but this add-on seems to prevent videos from beginning at the correct time when there's a timestamp in the YouTube link. i.e. If you go to a link that says[video]&t=574s, the video will just start at the beginning instead of starting at 9:34. This problem went away as soon as I disabled this add-on.
by Firefox user 14528670, 4 months ago
by person331912, 5 months ago
the latest updates did nothing but detract from the add-on and worsen the experience. one made it so you have to click farther away to access the add-on's buttons, the other made it so you need another click before you can access them in the form of a triple dot icon. and finally expanding the video player does not work correctly most of the time ever since these updates rolled out. i don't know why they're doing this but this used to be my #1 extension. now i'm forced to roll back to out of date versions.
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by Mario, 5 months ago
I hate the new version, is intrusive with the UI and override the youtube options/behavior. I still using this, just for the cinema mode.
by feniaram, 5 months ago
last update changed everything I liked about this add-on, removing now :(
by kyodaster, 5 months ago
was good but I hate the new version, I really miss the tool bar
by TeamDman, 5 months ago
Recent update made it not worth the effort to keep enabled.
Extension settings now override youtube ones, instead of adapting them. If you turn the autoplay toggle off, it still keeps autoplaying since the extension's checkbox for autoplay doesn't update.
Having videos be auto-paused in new tabs until you click them behaviour changed, now you have to click the youtube icon in the centre of the video instead of just clicking anywhere on the video. Overrides youtube specified theme with the extension one. If it's not going to respect changes made to settings using the buttons on the youtube page, it should at least hide those buttons.
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by Mr Goof, 5 months ago
Was working absolutely fine until the update, now experiencing all sorts of problems. Like the old saying goes " if it isn't broken, fix it until it is!" Had to disable it.
Edit: Reinstalled Version 2.0.101 from here, and everything appears to work as before, turned off auto updates for the time being. Will update when fixed.
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by spamerman, 5 months ago
скриншоты не работают
минусов у новой версии больше чем у предыдущей !!
by tobim91, 5 months ago
Das neue Update ist ja nett ABER jedesmal wenn ich Firefox Starte aktiviert das Addon jetzt auto play. Bitte ausmachen und fixen. Danke
by Firefox user 12741256, 5 months ago
Everything works, but it won't load when I start Firefox. I have to go into Add-ons manager and toggle it off then back on for it to work. Very annoying and will have to look for an alternative add-on and uninstall this if it isn't fixed. What's the point of the Add-on if it won't work!
by firefox-user964, 5 months ago
This used to be a great addon, latest update is still functional but the new interface is awful, too fussy and intrusive. Bring back the old look.
Edit - for those who prefer the old look you can rollback to the previous version
by Lothay, 5 months ago
I don't like the new update. New buttons are way too big and cluttered. The 'boost volume' button covers up my sound bar for some reason. The speed button was turned into three separate buttons, you can still change the speed by scrolling the main one, so I don't see the point of other two. Also before the update you could scroll down and still use the toolbar but now you have to go all the way up.
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by phayzee, 5 months ago
The missing minibar at the bottom of the page is frustrating because all the buttons are now stacked on the youtube player making it ugly and unnecessarily full
by majoraswrath, 5 months ago
Speed of the video can no longer be controlled. And no I did not use boost sound.
by Firefox user 16286954, 5 months ago
Great to see a new version though I was happy with the last one for a long time but the one feature I want that is generic BUT missing now.. How to disable continuous play-mode. I watch YouTube till I sleep but it keeps playing till I wake up to switch off or from afar at my bed click the TINY auto-play off.
by Mortimer, 5 months ago
by Jonathan Paugh, 6 months ago
This extension has a plethora of options, but they're not well organized. (Look at the settings for any popular IDE for how it should look.) What I needed was A) an assurance that the default settings would not modify YouTube at all (or at least a summary of the default changes), and B) a quick way to discover if the specific feature I need actually exists in this plugin.

Without A), I have to read and understand *every* option before I can rely on this plugin, and without B) I don't even know if it's worth the effort or not. In summary, the new-user experience suffers from the sheer magnitude of what it can do.
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by Gordol, 6 months ago
I find this to be highly inconsistent. Sometimes the videos are in expanded view, sometimes in default view, sometimes in cinema view and sometimes in theater view, all without changing the settings in this extension. Makes it highly unpredictable as to what my viewing experience will be.

On top of that, the settings are very obtuse in what they actually do and how thee interact with each other. For example, I count at least three different settings for the viewport size. WHY???
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by Firefox user 16615691, 6 months ago
Decent when it works properly but that is rare. 90% of the time it doesn't turn off annotations despite being set to and an increasingly more annoying issue is videos loading in a lower resolution forcing me to reload the page for the set resolution to take effect. The extension seemed to work much better with the legacy version of youtube. Since that's been completely scrapped now this extension is becoming more and more inconsistent. Dropped my new rating to 2 stars from the 4 I gave in the past because the issue with annotations has still not been fixed despite almost 3 years having passed.
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