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Enhancer for YouTube™
by Maxime RF
4.7 Stars out of 5
195 reviews
by Firefox user 15052949, 9 days ago
by Shizune, a month ago
by Mr. Mamoru, a month ago
Basically does what it says, but I do have a problem, that you guys might be able to help me with: The first time I reverse a playlist it works like a charm, but as soon as I close the window and click on the reverse button, the new window, that opens, doesn't show any playlist at all.

Thanks in regards.
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by Firefox user 16302925, a month ago
Not showing on my mobile app. But it's showing in recommendations from the website
by Firefox user 13262784, a month ago
As of 210617 controlling the playback speed with this add-on does not work. If I deactivate it, then I can control the speed with the video player's native controls, but with the add-on activated I cannot make it play faster at all.
by Firefox user 6250807, 2 months ago
Very useful, but often prevents Firefox/Win10 from closing normally: there are several processes left, and then crush report appears. Deleted :(
by Rushabh, 2 months ago
This addon is not working when cookies are turned off
by majiger, 2 months ago
Locks videos at 720p even though the settings are all set to 1080p. Checking with a clean browser shows the same videos having higher resolutions available.
by Powerlight, 2 months ago
by Firefox user 16858995, 3 months ago
by asn0vich, 3 months ago
by Avery Milieu, 3 months ago
I RELY on Closed Captions and when they don't appear within an hour or so of a vid going up I find I don't watch the the vids. New iterations of this "enhancement" seem to have hidden CC controls and are possibly slowing down the CC process to nothing...
PLEASE FIX THIS! For the deaf and near deaf, YouTube is useless without the CC.
by NH, 3 months ago
Works okay, but it is a bad practise to not release the source code.
by Firefox user 13148966, 3 months ago
This extension used to be perfect, but recently (since around Jan/Feb 2021) I've been having problems with the extension (on Firefox and Chrome). Whilst on YouTube, I tend to keep my main YouTube window open whilst browsing for things to watch, then open any videos I want to watch in a new tab. When I do this, quite often the video won't resize to my configured prefs for the extension, and I have to reload the page to fix it. Also, the video seems to stall when opened in a new tab (but the controls suggest it is playing), so I have to pause and then resume the video to bring it to life.

It's a great extension, there's nothing that can compete with it (that I've found), hopefully these issues will get resolved.

I'd also appreciate proper changelogs with each release. 'Bug fixes and improvements' tells me nothing when I'm hoping to find news of these issues being resolved with each update.
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by is, 4 months ago
Very, very buggy with the replay. Often does not go back to start or goes to start and video gets stuck on loading
by Kalmon001, 4 months ago
The old version was a 5/5, the new version is nowhere near as good. The controls are less functional, albeit better looking. The ad skip simply doesn't work now. When you click skip ad it only skips a single ad. Youtube now has usually 2 ads each time spaced out every 5-10 minutes. Clicking skip ad in the old version would autoskip every subsequent ad. Now I have to click it twice every 5 minutes. Remember the controls are now in the player and auto-hide, so it takes 5 seconds to even get to the skip add button...

Please bring back the old setup!
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by Alexandre, 4 months ago
The older version was better, there are to many itens and configs, its conflicting one config with another.
by Ryan, 4 months ago
Reverted back to 2.0.101 because of the changes. Don't like how the new one works.
by Firefox user 13579904, 4 months ago
The new version is not good. Speed controls just randomly don't work and the buttons don't show up. New version is unreliable. Used to be a great extension before.
by Firefox user 16773938, 4 months ago
not work
1. Automatically select a playback quality (tried 1080p. but selected 720p)
2. overlay Controls (invisible buttons)
3. cinema mode with expand (sometimes video size not correct. so i used theater mode with cinema mode)

i'm using firefox 86.0.1 64bit with enhancer for youtube version
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by Firefox user 16184722, 4 months ago
Was a great add-on for a long while, made YouTube much more bearable. However, the most recent update (as of 3/15/21) has made YouTube awful to use. Videos will load up at 0.25 speed but the speed isn't changeable in either the video itself or the enhancer app settings. The videos will play in 0.25 but both settings will say the speed is actually at 1. In order to fix the reduced speed, I have to completely close out the browser. Additionally, my YouTube constantly logs me out for no reason now. I have to sign in again every single day. I don't know if these reasons are attributed to the app, however I am only having issues with YouTube, no other website or app on my browser. Also, these issues only appeared once I updated the enhancer app. I love everything else about the app, but these issues are making it so hard for me to just watch videos. Hopefully they can fix this in a newer update but I'm unfortunately tired of it.
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by Firefox user 16748154, 4 months ago
A great add-on that's been flawless for years, until the recent update which has unfortunately broken the main thing I use it for.

Automatically expanding the player is buggy. Playing around with the settings can sometimes make it work, but it's gone on a refresh or moving to a new video.

Hopefully the issue is known and will be fixed at some point. I'll use the older version for now. Keep up the good work.
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by Firefox user 16743280, 4 months ago
Players auto expanding isn't work permanently with the latest update. Add-on need a bug fix! Really disappointed because i'm using this extension for years!
by skyyislucky, 4 months ago
cool and useful. but it's a bit clunky and it has some bugs.
by Psynaut, 5 months ago
Worked great until the latest update and now Loop doesn't work properly. I like the new interface and features, but I use this for Looping videos, and it hasn't worked properly since the release and still doesn't. I am going back to an older version for a couple months and hopefully they can get this to work properly.
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