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Enhancer for YouTube™
by Maxime RF
4.7 Stars out of 5
786 reviews
by howyay, 8 days ago
5 star in terms functions, however, as part of a holistic review, the restrictive license takes 1 star off and I would recommend Improve Youtube over this add-on. Excellent features though.
by Firefox user 13213111, 14 days ago
exelente es muy practica espero q a futuro sigan mejorando para bien
by Firefox user 13318527, 17 days ago
by Firefox user 13256948, 24 days ago
by Firefox user 11774524, a month ago
by tcheko, a month ago
The scissors function is awesome! Game changing for musitians who need to let a certain part of the video looping. If you allow people changing the tone of the clip like in Audacity it would be even more revolutionary.
by Balachandra Prabhu.A, a month ago
by aho4, a month ago
by Other Otter, 2 months ago
would be perfect if the (⋅⋅⋅) button actually hid the extra buttons when i pressed it
by sriram, 2 months ago
by Firefox user 16013267, 2 months ago
by RT, 2 months ago
by GODIE, 2 months ago
Hayn un problema con la opción de "repetir", al darle clic a un nuevo video este empieza a reproducirse desde los valores de "inicio" y "fin" del video anterior, es un problema si está configurado para repetir el video desde el segundo 20, por ejemplo.
by billbaugher, 2 months ago
by Laurențiu Popa, 2 months ago
by sAthAnkA, 2 months ago
by miljacZG, 2 months ago
by Firefox user 16621721, 2 months ago
The Developer has fixed the problem, has now given choices to users to select their preference of where to place the toolbar (a much better choice)

the only problem is that the speed sometimes reset back to normal despite when hovered over the speed button, it still shows in 2x speed

this happens when you click the timestamp, it will reset the speed.
it does not happen always but it does happen. this is the reason why its 4 star instead of 5 star especially since youtube is now filled with timestamps, this is a huge problem.

the Version 2.0.99 is still flawless in terms of speed button
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by scadams, 2 months ago
I mostly use this to quickly change video speed, and I like customizing my preferences for loading new videos.

However, many of the controls seem redundant and very similar to me. I'd much prefer more customization like reordering or moving the buttons to custom locations.

Lastly, PLEASE change your icon for 'Options' as it looks very similar to YouTube's gear and I mix them up all the the time.
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by Vanessa R, 2 months ago
by Seyid, 2 months ago
by Acosta_ff, 2 months ago
by Firefox user 13133000, 3 months ago
by Firefox user 13993412, 3 months ago
by Firefox user 13883959, 3 months ago
I absolutely LOVE this extension! Especially the loop option that lets you choose what part to loop in seconds!
Would really love if there was a way to make the seeker bar (progress bar?) go underneath the video instead of blocking the bottom of the video (like how it used to be in the very old days). Maybe even add an option for a permanent progress bar but obviously without losing any part of the bottom of the video. Will give it 5 stars if this is added 🙏
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