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Enhancer for YouTube™
by Maxime RF
4.7 Stars out of 5
6,767 reviews
by Rocher, a day ago
by Maria Clara, 2 days ago
by Bash, 2 days ago
Каждому своё... но я всё ещё использую старую версию, прекрасно работает с моими настройками.
К сожалению мне новые версии не нравятся (появились недостатки для меня), и всё время возвращаюсь на "2.0.101"... благо ещё совместимо.
Скриншот ➜
Скриншот ➜
Скриншот ➜
To each his own... but I'm still using the old version, it works fine with my settings.
Unfortunately, I don't like the new versions (there are disadvantages for me), and I keep going back to "2.0.101"... it is still compatible.
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Screenshot ➜
Screenshot ➜
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by Firefox user 16960201, 2 days ago
by tim richardson, 4 days ago
Very good, thanks for this! Easy to use and it works well.
by b.roman, 5 days ago
by Anja 1111, 6 days ago
This is the best extension you can get for YouTube, gone are all the things that are so annoying. Now I'd love one more thing: automatically collapse the left menu, if that would be possible, you'd do me a big favor!
by sarada, 6 days ago
thank you
by Firefox user 15042106, 7 days ago
Without beating about the bush at the moment it is the top
by Firefox user 16954402, 7 days ago
Прекрасное дополнение, очень удобное и ползеное. Просьба добавить совместимость с мобильным приложением Firefox, и будет вообще идеально
by Firefox user 16953862, 8 days ago
by Anonymous, 8 days ago
by Firefox user 16953144, 8 days ago
Pros: It bypasses the adds.
It's customizable, to a decent degree.

Cons:A little hard to use for Non GUI/newer Tech nerds/AV nerds. Otherwise, fine. (Coimputer nerd here, so No problem!)

Over all, with default settings, even for an inexperienced user (Yourself or parents!) This is a GREAT add-on!!!! Would give a 9.8/10 if possible.
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by TopNotchSniper4, 9 days ago
by Firefox user 15910080, 9 days ago
by Mike S., 9 days ago
by woolover, 9 days ago
by Udoy, 10 days ago
by Firefox user 16951314, 10 days ago
Great add-ons. Thank you for your hard work to keep up with YouTube changes!
by Firefox user 10292680, 10 days ago
by Firefox user 12895148, 10 days ago
by Firefox user 16789495, 10 days ago
by Enikka, 11 days ago
by vasflf, 11 days ago
by Gus 1, 12 days ago
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