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Wayback Machine
by Internet Archive, Mark Graham
3.9 Stars out of 5
14 reviews
by Patrice, 6 months ago
Visiblement ils ne regardent pas les critiques et ne corrigent pas leur extension depuis 3 ans :

Comme dit plus bas : I love the internet archive and the wayback machine, but I had to disable this extension because it constantly gives me false positives and won't let me see pages that are live. At the very least it needs a button to "Show Live Page" so I can override it. But as of now it's impossible to override without disabling the extension entirely.
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by Firefox user 13452434, 8 months ago
Very intrusive. Sometimes replaces entire webpage before it gets time to load.
It says it detects _annoying_ 404 pages and ironically itself is very annoying.
by Firefox user 16348317, 9 months ago
by Minteck Projects, 10 months ago
One of the worst extensions I ever seen. Replace the error message of some pages (so you don't know which error it is), prevents us to it F5 to reload the page (we can't even find it in the history) and sometimes redirect even if the page is working.
by J.M. Hardin, 2 years ago
I used to love this addon but lately it's kicking in simply when going back and forth in a single tab's history when the page I'm going to has displayed beautifully within the last two minutes. Now I only enable it when I need it, which is a royal pain.
by Firefox user 14565419, 2 years ago
I find it really, really annoying that I cannot block it's popup for some sites. For example, Reddit is down right now. Every time I reload, it pops its obnoxious "you wanna see an archived version of this page?" thing. No matter how many times I dismiss the damned thing. I don't want an archived version of Reddit. Please give us a way to black list sites from this popup!
by Firefox user 15207813, 2 years ago
by Firefox user 14106106, 2 years ago
I will consider changing the rating, once the major bug will be fixed, which causes this plugin to pop up on working websites.
by Firefox user 13156335, 3 years ago
Too damn keen on redirecting working sites - Iv'e disabled it now until it's fixed
by lacoL, 3 years ago
Too damn aggressive, if it has a pop-over that I can close I would be very happy but to just cause it to move away from the site I'm viewing because an image gives a 404 status is damn right WRONG.

This thing i turned off until it is revisited that it checks for the base path to return a 404 and ignores if the original request returns a status of 200. How damn hard can it be?!
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by Tharwen, 3 years ago
It keeps making it impossible to visit working sites by redirecting me to a page claiming they're dead. There really should be an option to disable the automatic redirection
by Firefox user 14024434, 3 years ago
This addon absolutely has some use in concept but it takes over pages loading slowly or differently - even fast loading consisten pages on some websites I visit.

I wish it worked, I wish there was a minimum configurable timer, and I wish I could set it to ONLY come up on ACTUAL 404's.

Instead, I'm just going to disable it for now and see if it ever gets better. Sadly it is far more in the way than helpful.
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by Zbyněk Winkler, 3 years ago
Often shows some giant wayback image for urls that are working. Actually it seems to think that there is an dns error while there is none. Not usable in this state.

Please only hijack the error pages (404 and dns error) and provide a link there to the wayback machine. That would be perfect. And thanks for wayback machine.
by hackel, 3 years ago
Constant false-positives, causing the giant Wayback Machine image to appear over an otherwise valid, working page, and causing me to loose all of my forward navigation history. Had to remove due to this extreme annoyance. Instead, it should simply show an icon in the address bar when an archived version of a page is available.
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