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Wayback Machine
by Internet Archive, Mark Graham
3.8 Stars out of 5
28 reviews
by unbeatable-101, 7 days ago
Automatic page-down detection is abysmal.
by MrAureliusR, 10 days ago
This extension is SO useful that I've put up with the awful automatic page-down detection for ages. But it's just gotten worse and worse. It doesn't even wait for the server to respond before redirecting to the page not available prompt!

I can see that this is the number one most complained about feature -- all you need to do is add a toggle so that we can disable the automatic redirects. That's it! If I could have this extension without the automatic redirects I would instantly give it five stars. I love and the Wayback Machine but this extension needs some love!
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by Firefox user 13112025, 4 months ago
Once worked fine, but for the past few months, it has got "Fail with status: 498 No Reason Phrase" error with Retry button, which fails all the time on firefox (waterfox as well). So, now this extension is quite useless and needs to be updated.
by William , 8 months ago
I love the internet archive and the wayback machine, but I had to disable this extension because it constantly gives me false positives and won't let me see pages that are live. At the very least it needs a button to "Show Live Page" so I can override it. But as of now it's impossible to override without disabling the extension entirely :-(
by Andrew, 9 months ago
Frequent false positives, obstructing access to working websites.
by Firefox user 16376297, 9 months ago
It does what it is supposed to do, but also does it WHEN it is NOT supposed to. It is often triggered when my (overloaded) browser takes a bit longer to render a page, which is VERY annoying. What makes it worse, sometimes pages REALLY timeout if the server is down and this extension doesn't react to that. The additional minus point is the lack of any configuration options to, say increase the timeout or completely disable that "feature". Besides that, it would be nice to have it work from the context menu on links so the target pages could be instantly looked up on the Wayback Machine. All being said, I don't have much hope any of this will be fixed as I've seen many people have complained about the same problem and nothing has happened...
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by Firefox user 13797098, 10 months ago
No option to modify how the app functions -- only enable/disable. Pops up MUCH too often, and seldom for the pages that I actually want to check the archive.
by Firefox user 16325914, 10 months ago
by Firefox user 14731802, a year ago
The “Page not available?” site opens even for some sites that work perfectly fine and prevents visiting these sites completely and this feature can't be disabled in favor of only manually visiting a site's archive.
Also the context menu entry only works for the current page, even if you right-clicked a link. I would've expected to be taken to the archive of the site the link leads to, but that could just be me.
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by sdschramm, a year ago
Very annoying, this add on keeps popup up and taking over webpages that are not down and normally would load fine. Sounds like others are having the same issue. I guess I'll have to remove this if the developers are not going to fix it.
by Jean Lo, a year ago
Unconfigurable, which gets annoying if one doesn't want to automatically (or always) see the archived version.
by trashtiger, a year ago
by Firefox user 15249045, 2 years ago
A great addon but it sometimes thinks that a non 404 page is a 404 page, which is very annoying
by Firefox user 15184521, 2 years ago
It redirects many pages that are working just fine to the "Page not available screen", and there isn't a way to disable that part of the addon. I really like the ability to open a page in the wayback machine, but this addon gets in the way of my regular browsing too much.
by Aurora of Earth, 2 years ago
by twotwos, 3 years ago
Generally very helpful and almost never misses an error. Problem is, occasionally it'll activate for no apparent reason on a page that loads just fine, and will redirect to another page to do so. So now you have to hit back just to get to the page that was halfway through loading before the extension decided it actually wasn't. Weirdly, when it responds to a normal error it never redirects, instead opting for a popup you can close. Why it only agressively redirects you when it makes a mistake is a mystery, and a very annoying one.
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by Firefox user 14540481, 3 years ago
Too aggressive when sites don't load immediately. It was nice the one time the site actually was down, but not the fifty other times my internet just was slow.
by hellocatfood, 3 years ago
by ꜱᴩʀɪᴛᴇ➀, 3 years ago
It keeps taking over pages even if they do load. I end up having to click on the back button mltiple times because it keeps insisting that the page is missing when I can see it perfectly fine before it redirects it half a second later.
by Firefox user 14215346, 3 years ago
Great in principle, but... as plenty of other users have noted, it's way too hasty in execution. I'm continually having to reload perfectly live, current pages because it's jumped in prematurely. As others have also pointed out, it's ludicrous that the obstructive pop-up can't be cancelled – all it needs is a 'Cancel' button.
by Firefox user 14212480, 3 years ago
As a lot of people noted, too eager to display page that will take you to archives. Please, at least make setting that would disable that pop-up. I'm totally fine going into menu and asking for archive page from there if the page doesn't load. What I'm not fine with is when pop-up blocks otherwise working page.
by Firefox user 14191726, 3 years ago
Ask me to see archives when the site is good.
by Firefox user 14108331, 3 years ago
So far it's alright, and it does what it says on the tin. However, it is probably too eager to prompt the user to check the 404 page. On many occasions where the page did load, its modal window pops in my face asking me to check out any archived versions.

Worse still, the popup is a modal window that blocks out the rest of the page and cannot actually be exited out of without reloading the whole page.

Personally, I think it would be fine if there was no pop-up at all. Simply have the user access the toolbar button.
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by Firefox user 14087118, 3 years ago
Seems to overreact with resource loading errors within the page.

This is not really properly tested.
by michael39, 3 years ago
it seems overzealous, maybe an error loading some part of the page triggers the extension to assume the entire page is unreachable? that's my guess- I'm not sure exactly what is triggering the false positives exactly. has worked a few times as intended/expected, too
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