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Wayback Machine
by Internet Archive, Mark Graham
3.9 Stars out of 5
25 reviews
by Pr0phet of Fear, 12 days ago
The functionality to archive and look up archived pages with this extension is great, but it need the option to disable the automatic detection. It is a false positive 99.9% of the time, and it stops the page from loading properly.
by asdkofoaweifiwae, a month ago
Please stop eating functional webpages!!!

This is a very useful utility but honestly #1 priority needs to allow me to disable the extension's automatic fetching utility where it straight up kills a perfectly healthy page for no reason.

For instance, I only use this page for the saving function.

This happens on an exceptionally regular basis.
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by Firefox user 12632062, 4 months ago
@treesap - thanks for the link to github wayback-machine-webextension 3.0. Me too had problems with the 1.8.6. version here. Did you manage to install the github webextension lasting longer than just temporarily? I failed. Every time I reopen my Waterfox (version G-3) the extension is gone.
by treesap, 5 months ago
Install this from the official GitHub repository, unless you want a buggy 3 years old release. The newer version has an improved UI, bugfixes, and more features. 5-stars for that version!

URL: githubDOTcom/internetarchive/wayback-machine-webextension

Old review (for this version): Super useful tool, but BADLY needs a bugfix. I basically have to keep this disabled until the times that I need it due to a significant bug that has been there for the 1+ year I've used it.

The issue is that sometimes the "Page not available" page is displayed for pages that are absolutely available! And the extension is very persistent--after this bug hits, the only way to view the live version of the webpage is to manually navigate to it (i.e. copy and re-paste the portion of the URL that contains the page I'm trying to visit—minus all the stuff.)

I periodically re-enable the extension to see if the problem is fixed, but no luck for the past 1+ years.
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by ep, 9 months ago
Acts too aggressive, often falsely, replaces the whole page instead of showing a popup or something unintrusive.
by Firefox user 14993197, a year ago
This app is pretty useful when for some reason you want to access a link that is dead or you want to read posts from a specific time in the past. However I think this addon really needs a setting to specify how long it needs to wait until it pops up, as well as a website specific disable feature, as it often breaks CloudFlare protections, popping up before CloudFlare gets a chance to load. For some websites you can just close the popup, annoying but not a big problem, however on some sites, closing the popup forces CloudFlare to restart loading, the popup appears again, and it's an endless loop. Ideally it should have an option so it wouldn't even popup, and would have an option to only load Wayback Machine if I click the addon's icon.
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by Jackie, a year ago
by fncll, a year ago
For the love of all that's holy, either fix the detection mechanism or provide an option to not detect and allow us to click when we want to search the archive for a page.
by MattN, a year ago
As others have written, on recent Nightly versions there are many false positives where it thinks the page isn't available but it is.
by Firefox user 13970150, a year ago
by Randy, a year ago
by Gustavo, a year ago
This is a great add-on but sometimes it shows a 'Page not available?' when the page is actually available and after installing an add-on that suspend tabs the issue got worse.

I wish this had an option to disable the auto detection or at least make it less intrusive, right now the 'offering to show archived version...' basically replaces the whole web page before you do anything.
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by Lance, 2 years ago
Works sometimes, but is extremely irritating as this often opens for no reason, randomly. All features in the extension that are manual work perfectly, but the "down detection" is terrible.
by Firefox user 14280591, 2 years ago
This addon is good for saving webpages that might go down in the future. However... it keeps redirecting to the "You want to see an archived version of this page?" over-zealously for any page. Especially if you use the back button it will recursively keep redirecting to the extension's page.

Stop this right now or I will just report and uninstall this addon!
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by Ward Muylaert, 2 years ago
Like others have mentioned, I wish I could turn off its automatic dead page detection. The reason is simple, it seems to be overly zealous and/or outright wrong in what it considers a dead page. If I come across a dead page, I'd rather manually go and click the icon in the addon bar in order to get a recent version.
by Danny Lin, 2 years ago
The current version has an issue that it frequently consider a working web page as 404 and redirects it to addon page, especially when URL change or go back/forward, which is very annoying.
by Firefox user 14966376, 2 years ago
I love, truly a priceless resource. Unfortunately the last few months I've been unable to use the "Save Page Now" function. It just goes to a blank page when I try. It seems like a problem through the core site, since when I actually go to*site and hit "save a copy" it doesn't work either.
by Firefox user 12145106, 2 years ago
It currently has a bug that causes it to trigger sometimes when I click the back button. I just visited the page a minute ago, it works fine when the addon is disabled, and my internet connection is fast, so I don't think it's a problem with the site.

However, apart from the bug, this is indicative of a problem with the addon design, which is that it redirects to a different page, and offers no option to exit out of the addon or try to load the original page even if the Wayback Machine addon thinks it's broken. It's okay for the addon to make mistakes, it's not okay for me to need to disable it in order to load the original page.
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by bharatgkmsrgroup, 3 years ago
It will be better if this extension have a auto show option
by Rory O’Kane, 3 years ago
This extension worked great for a long time, only showing the 404 detected popup when I actually encountered a missing page. However, I recently updated from Firefox 56 to Firefox 63 (which may have updated the extension too), and that caused the extension to start detecting spurious 404s, as other reviews describe. When this extension works, it is a convenient way to open the WayBack Machine, but I’m going to have to disable the extension for now until it gets fixed.

On older Firefox versions I used to use the add-on Resurrect Pages by Anthony Lieuallen. I stopped using it because it became incompatible with my Firefox version, but apparently it supports the latest Firefox version again. It may be worth checking out.
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by Jacktose, 3 years ago
It's nice to be able to look up or save a page from the button. The automatic feature might be helpful if it was not a false positive 95% of the time. An option to turn that off would be worth a star to this review.
by Eli B., 3 years ago
Useful, but there are too many cases where are page just happens to load too slowly for the extension's taste so it pops up offering to use the service, blocking the entire page.
by Firefox user 13885219, 3 years ago
It would be nice if it would really only show up when the page is 404 and not because the page is coincidentally loading slowly.
by Firefox user 13832595, 3 years ago
A nice extension. Generally works but occasionally has hiccups.

That said, updating to the newest version needlessly cluttered up my context menu with duplicates of the stuff available through the browser action (that I currently have to resort to userChrome.css to remove) and non-optionally added a requirement for notification privileges with no option to turn off whatever annoying popup it's planning to display.

I'm giving it a 3 out of 5 for those warts.
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by Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, 4 years ago
Please don't change the URL. Please. That's horrible UX, makes me want to disable the extension right away.
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