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Wayback Machine
by Internet Archive, Mark Graham
3.9 Stars out of 5
32 reviews
by Edgar Onghena, 25 days ago
Great extension, but it *very often* replaces 100% functioning web pages with its annoying "Page not available" dialog box. I usually reload the page to fix this but I don't even understand how it's possible to mess up reading an HTTP status code... An less intrusive solution would be to show a banner.
by pelle, 3 months ago
It's good but sometimes has false positives and thinks that a website is down when it isn't. In those cases there's no way around than to disable the extension. I wish they'd fix that.

But it's absolutely brilliant work the Internet Archive team are doing.
by Dark_Ronius, 4 months ago
I would like to see the option of a banner rather than a pop up. Other than that, great add on.
by 100YenHouse, 5 months ago

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by comicstrip, 6 months ago
by Firefox user 13516203, 6 months ago
by freakedenough, 6 months ago
i would love to disable the automatic modal, it sometimes pops up even if websites load successfully (some interference with adblockers probably), which is annoying. yet i would love to have the toolbar icon.
by crookm, 7 months ago
Excellent extension, it's super useful.

Note that the current version is very outdated, three years out of date now. The github (/internetarchive/wayback-machine-webextension) shows that there is very active development, but changes are not being published to firefox like they are to chrome.
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by Firefox user 14949259, 7 months ago
by noviyanto, 7 months ago
by Firefox user 14235053, a year ago
I love this extension, but false positives in recent months have been really annoying, I sometimes needed to press Back up to five times to just be able to see the page I was reading.
by active x, a year ago
As others already mentioned there's a bug where it thinks the page failed to load when it didn't. If you just provide the option to disable this auto detection it would be great.
by Firefox user 14490699, a year ago
Lately it seems way too quick to jump to a wayback lookup when clicking the 'back' arrow button on Firefox. I'm just jumping back to a page that I had just looked at! It isn't 404!
by Marce, a year ago
by Stephen Judge, a year ago
by grahamperrin, a year ago
by A Firefox User, 2 years ago
Like everyone else has mentioned, the add on is a little over zealous to show archived versions of the page. Other than that it is a useful add on
by Mjone77, 2 years ago
Works great, except for it thinking that a working site is down and asking if I want to see an archived version. When this happens I have to spam the back button until it stops thinking the page is down.

Fixing this bug and/or preferably adding an option to disable automatic missing page recognition would make this a 5/5.
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by Amir Ali Akbari, 2 years ago
Very helpful extension, but it detects many working pages as 404, especially on browser reload. An option to disable automatic Wayback machine popup is really needed.
by Firefox user 14709676, 2 years ago
The bug of March 2019 that triggers it on about 30% of times I try to go back one page (on regular, live, working URLs) needs to be fixed...

Else very useful since so many websites (especially universities and governments!) can't seem to understand the concept of a stable URL!
by Firefox user 13174997, 2 years ago
by Firefox user 14272433, 3 years ago
by Firefox user 12876347, 3 years ago
Sometimes overreacts when page loads for a long time. I would prefer to not get modal dialog blocking page that loads correctly.
by Firefox user 13417472, 3 years ago
Sometimes there are false positives, and I have to turn off the add-on to view the site.
by Cristihan, 3 years ago
Good :/

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