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Wayback Machine
by Internet Archive, Mark Graham
3.9 Stars out of 5
91 reviews
by Ethan, a month ago
by pulpetti, 3 months ago
by Firefox user 16147975, 3 months ago
by nashcat1, 4 months ago
by Firefox user 15883191, 4 months ago
by AttackTitan, 4 months ago
by Carolyn Davis, 5 months ago
by vampiremm, 6 months ago
by oliviad, 7 months ago
by ComicRaft7, 7 months ago
Really good, if site is not available but is saved, a pop-up appears asking if you want the saved version with a button to the link.
by Noober, 7 months ago
by Michel, 8 months ago
by Omar258012, 8 months ago
Wayback Machine de Internet Archive, Mark Graham
by grindcorefan, 10 months ago
by u/SS_Pepe, 10 months ago
by sonniesedge, a year ago
by Firefox user 15790117, a year ago
As a Web Developer I have clients that come to me after losing their website to hackers, just need a redesign, or use to have a website but want to use data from that. Way Back Machine has allowed us to find content from way way back and we thank you for that.
by Ammon, a year ago
Just like anything worthwhile, it takes learning how to use this "tool" correctly. Despite a few comments I've's not hard to use if you spend some time to learn what it does and how to correctly implement it's abilities. I find, when I find NO results for an item I KNOW is out there, I just rename my search or change to text and it gives me all the answers to what I am looking for without having to guess or give up. Great app.
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by MHW, a year ago
by Firefox user 16061220, a year ago
by Firefox user 14441811, a year ago
by mdaiurrto, a year ago
by Peter Dodge, a year ago
by hopehapper, a year ago
by littleoldelady, a year ago
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