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Wayback Machine
by Internet Archive, Mark Graham
3.8 Stars out of 5
Review by Firefox user 14879842
by Firefox user 14879842, a month ago
Same issue as everyone else. You *cannot* throw a splash screen in my face every time a page fails to load properly. Have some respect for your user base - if someone is familiar with the Wayback Machine and chooses to install this extension, chances are they know how to navigate to the archive for dead pages via the widget! Please add a toggle. This is an issue I would have expected the Archive Team of all groups to be savvy to.
My primary reason for downloading was to be able to quickly save websites and contribute to the archive. While this extension makes that slightly more convenient, I would recommend that anyone seeking similar functionality just memorize this to prepend to the address of whichever page you want to save: "". If you're more interested in the other function, you can instead prepend "*/".
Other people have suggested that the page-down screens be converted into banners, and while this would be a huge improvement, I would really like to be able to disable all popups regardless of "intrusiveness." Again, this seems like something you guys would be sensitive to! I can't understand why it's designed this way.
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198 reviews
by 吳昱, 8 days ago
by nickb2, 22 days ago
Means well but just kicks in too quickly and too often.
by Firefox user 14685912, a month ago
by Self-Perfection, 2 months ago
Can't use it: detection of down webpages gives too many false positives. And it messes with browser's history replacing original URL so you can't just click "reload" or "back" to get back to original URL. Have to uninstall.
by Firefox user 16989862, 2 months ago
by unbeatable-101, 3 months ago
Automatic page-down detection is abysmal.
by MrAureliusR, 3 months ago
This extension is SO useful that I've put up with the awful automatic page-down detection for ages. But it's just gotten worse and worse. It doesn't even wait for the server to respond before redirecting to the page not available prompt!

I can see that this is the number one most complained about feature -- all you need to do is add a toggle so that we can disable the automatic redirects. That's it! If I could have this extension without the automatic redirects I would instantly give it five stars. I love and the Wayback Machine but this extension needs some love!
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by Аркадий, 3 months ago
by Muctar Diaoune, 3 months ago
Love the app! Really helps me view pages that aren't available anymore. One problem though: Using the app with multiple windows will open tabs in the first opened window, not the current one.
by Stardust, 4 months ago
I absolutely love internet archive and wayback machine, and I wanted so much to love this extension.
But unfortunately it keeps giving me a crazy amount of fake positive unavailable webpages sometimes before it even tries to load, ruining my navigation in almost every session.
So why not just turn down the option of automatic detection and replacement of these pages and just keep the other great functionnalities ?
Because you just can't, you also cannot just reload the current page you were trying to reach when the extension find a fake positive, you re just stuck.
So uninstallation is the only way to go.
As long as this extension is not fixed and give absolutely no option to turn down the messy automatic error detection, stay away from this extension.
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by Firefox user 13460059, 4 months ago
Great and horrible addon. Horrible because the dead page detection has been nothing but false positives for the months I have used it. Great because everything else works as well as one could hope for. The dead page detection really is bad enough to make me uninstall an otherwise 5 star addon because it makes the overall browser much much worse. It would be a solid 5 if that detection had never been built in.
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by Pr0phet of Fear, 5 months ago
The functionality to archive and look up archived pages with this extension is great, but it need the option to disable the automatic detection. It is a false positive 99.9% of the time, and it stops the page from loading properly.
by Edgar Onghena, 5 months ago
Great extension, but it *very often* replaces 100% functioning web pages with its annoying "Page not available" dialog box. I usually reload the page to fix this but I don't even understand how it's possible to mess up reading an HTTP status code... An less intrusive solution would be to show a banner.
by asdkofoaweifiwae, 5 months ago
Please stop eating functional webpages!!!

This is a very useful utility but honestly #1 priority needs to allow me to disable the extension's automatic fetching utility where it straight up kills a perfectly healthy page for no reason.

For instance, I only use this page for the saving function.

This happens on an exceptionally regular basis.
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by Ethan, 6 months ago
by pulpetti, 7 months ago
by Firefox user 13112025, 7 months ago
Once worked fine, but for the past few months, it has got "Fail with status: 498 No Reason Phrase" error with Retry button, which fails all the time on firefox (waterfox as well). So, now this extension is quite useless and needs to be updated.
by Firefox user 16147975, 7 months ago
by pelle, 7 months ago
It's good but sometimes has false positives and thinks that a website is down when it isn't. In those cases there's no way around than to disable the extension. I wish they'd fix that.

But it's absolutely brilliant work the Internet Archive team are doing.
by nashcat1, 8 months ago
by Firefox user 15883191, 8 months ago
by Dark_Ronius, 8 months ago
I would like to see the option of a banner rather than a pop up. Other than that, great add on.
by Firefox user 12632062, 9 months ago
@treesap - thanks for the link to github wayback-machine-webextension 3.0. Me too had problems with the 1.8.6. version here. Did you manage to install the github webextension lasting longer than just temporarily? I failed. Every time I reopen my Waterfox (version G-3) the extension is gone.
by AttackTitan, 9 months ago
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