Eman Alhussein
Non-Resident Fellow, AGSIW
Eman Alhussein is a non-resident fellow at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington. She previously worked as a research fellow at the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Her research focuses on Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. Alhussein’s areas of interest include identity and nationalism, gender, cultural and societal change, and religious discourse and reforms.
Alhussein holds an MA in Gulf studies from the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter. She completed her bachelor’s degree at the American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. She is currently based in Oslo, Norway.
Blog Post
Saudi Ramadan Series Links Economic Development and Civic Duty
Eman Alhussein Apr 26, 2021
This year’s Ramadan initiatives, focused on a sense of community and contributions to development, demonstrate how the Saudi government increasingly relies on citizens to play a role in the ongoing transformation.
Blog Post
Filling the Religious Void: Yoga and Self-Awareness in Saudi Arabia
Eman Alhussein Apr 20, 2021
The marginalization of religious figures in Saudi Arabia has prompted a rise of trends focusing on spirituality and meditation to promote self-awareness.
Blog Post
Labor Reforms in Saudi Arabia: Ambitious Focus on Foreign Workers and Unemployment
Eman Alhussein Mar 17, 2021
New labor reforms are an important first step to improve conditions for foreign workers and could open the door for wider reforms.
Blog Post
Joining the Club: New Trends in Gulf Social Media
Eman Alhussein Feb 19, 2021
The new app Clubhouse is providing a much-needed space for contesting views and continuing debates that have been suspended for years in the Gulf.
Saudi Arabia Champions “Moderate Islam,” Underpinning Reform Efforts
Eman Alhussein Dec 15, 2020
Moderate Islam can be seen as a comprehensive strategy to tackle the kingdom’s regional and domestic concerns while at the same time reshaping the religious and social scene in line with the leadership’s new sociopolitical objectives.
Blog Post
One Year On, Saudi Public Decency Law Still Meeting Resistance
Eman Alhussein Sep 30, 2020
The social dimension of change in the kingdom will continue to navigate a bumpy road, especially as it generates tensions and debate over the issue of decency.
Blog Post
Saudi Arabia Hikes Its VAT, But for How Long?
Eman Alhussein and Sara Almohamadi Jul 2, 2020
Saudi Arabia has adopted strict austerity measures to combat the dual effect of falling oil prices and the coronavirus crisis. Unlike previous measures that were lifted when oil prices recovered, a July 1 VAT increase (from 5% to 15%) is more likely to stay in place, which could present challenges to low-income families, businesses, and plans to revive domestic tourism.
Blog Post
Migrant Workers at the Epicenter of Public Health Crisis in the Gulf
Eman Alhussein Apr 24, 2020
The coronavirus, along with the economic crisis due to falling oil prices, is having a direct impact on businesses in the Gulf, including migrant labor, the bulk of the work force.
Blog Post
The Coronavirus Redefines Responsibility in the Gulf
Eman Alhussein Mar 25, 2020
The coronavirus outbreak has redefined the responsibilities of citizens and the business community, impacting the already evolving rentier state structure and highlighting economic and religious challenges
Blog Post
The Public Decency Law and the Shaping of the Saudi Identity
Eman Alhussein and Sara Almohamadi Dec 23, 2019
The relaxation of social norms in Saudi Arabia has proved to be both emboldening and disorienting.
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